My song of the day…well, the past few months.

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So, there is sometimes when Collins and I disagree, which is totally cool because we are awesome like that, but…this is a song and band that I adore that I felt like sharing with you all. I just bought two of their t-shirts yesterday, so in celebration of that, I present you this:


A blast from the past

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I have been known to write down random jumbled thoughts, sometimes they have some kind of structure, sometimes I post them and sometimes I don’t. I was going through some of my old writings today and I found this piece I wrote three years ago that still holds such relevance to my life now that I have decided to share it with you all.

if you had asked me a few years ago if I thought that this is where I would be at this point, I would have called you crazy. I also know that almost everyone has had that feeling. It is simply part of growing up, but nonetheless, it still amazes me. Only a few years ago I was pretty convinced I would be married and living with my childhood sweetheart, I would be going to school for photography and I would have met Nikki Sixx by now. (Which by the way, this is totally still on my list of things to do.) However, that is not where I am now. That is a beautiful thing, though. It proves that things are ever changing and humans change and grow as they gain new knowledge and are subjected to new situations. To me that is proof of evolution. Our dreams and goals change, though we never lose the essence of what it is to have one. We are never given what we want, but what we need. Even if that seems like the wrong thing at that time. We spend our entire lives searching for something, hoping for a future full of all the things we want and desire, but the harsh and beautiful reality of it is that we have no control over the improbable and unpredictable. There comes a point in time when we must let go of that insabitable hungry ego and live our lives in the present and stop obsessing about what it is that we want later. Because when later comes and we achieve or aquire those things…we will still be unsatisfied as we will soon want something else. Hence why my life is where it is now. I finally decided I had to let go. This wasn’t just to material objects and the desire to better and further my ego. It was also in situations and with my realtionships with others. If something does not effect your quality of life, does it matter? Does petty drama have an impact on your life? When you react, is it you or an egoic part of yourself? I realized that while I do have control over my life and the ability to seperate myself from a heavy pain body and ego, I am also part of something bigger. There is a path we all follow, if we realize it or not. Where I may have lost some friends, I gained new ones. Where I thought I had picked the job I wanted to do most, I found something better. I might have wanted to go to school for photography, until I realized I simply didn’t. I may have lost love, but I gained it in new places. I have found love for all humans, all situations and I continue to seek guidance and knowledge. Weather it be from people I know or the thoughts of others, I am nearly at peace. It isn’t as simple as it may seem, it takes practice and time, but when I see it show through and when it comes into play in my life…I smile at the pure beauty of it.  I do not regret nor have any sadness about where I am in my life, nor do I miss my old desires. Life is beautiful and complex and I intended to explore it as much as I can


Quote of The Day

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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”
Maya Angelou

Maya was a very wise woman, and when I heard this quote, I knew she was right on the money. Though this quote is simplistic, it packs a profound message.

Personally, my thought process is not to say something unless it is kind, or helpful. Maya is saying try to make someone’s day a little brighter or more beautiful if you can. I find this inspiring and try to incorporate it into my life every chance I get.

Will you try to add a little color to this black and white world?

Is a woman be defined by the length of her hemline? Yes.

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This is a question that has always been steeped in controversy. There are usually two polar opposing views, but I wanted to share my take. Bear with me as I have to un-jumble the gazillion different opinions that are bouncing around inside my head.

Let’s start with the media’s view of women in general. We are usually portrayed as objects of sexual temptation and desire. This is not to say being a sexual being is wrong, but the use of the label “object” is what holds the negative connotation. In being labeled an object, we, as women, are broken down into pieces. We become “the girl with the big boobs,” or “The chick with the nice ass.” Rarely is a woman sought after because of her intellect or her personality.

Now here is the second problem. Women now have to choose how they want to display these assets. Do they want to dress conservatively, so as not to draw attention to their bodies? Or do they want to celebrate and flaunt the assets they are proud of by dressing more revealingly. In my opinion, neither option is wrong. But again, that nasty little connotation with dressing revealingly creeps into your mind, whether you like it or not. But now it gets a little confusing…

The media hypes up images of scantily clad women rocking their bodies, but society frowns upon that sort of thing. Many females in the music industry can be seen performing in skimpy leotards and other costumes that leave little to the imagination. Yet no one has a problem with this. But if an everyday women were to wear the same thing out in public, she would get quite a few stares and comments. How this disconnect happened, I don’t know.

Basically the whole issue boils down to sex. If a woman’s body were not sexualized to the extent it is, women could be free to wear what they wanted, and wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted attention. Everyone has the right to choose what she wants to wear; she can wear the damn miniskirt if she wants to.

There is a catch though. Our society won’t change its view overnight, and it’s going to be quite a long time before significant change can be made. So if a woman is going to be wearing a low cut mini-dress with no back and side cut-outs, you’d better believe she should be aware of the attention she is going to warrant. I’m not saying she should have the unwanted attention in the first place when she is clearly proud of her body, but it’s the unfortunate reality of the present.

I could ramble on forever, but you get the point. Please let me know in the comments what your take on this topic is.




Get To Know Me

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Any posts with the “Get To Know Me” label are going to be dedicated to getting to know some of Turner and I’s characters better. We are going to take a look at one of the main characters from our first book “Betrayal Comes After.” Let’s catch a glimpse of Stef through this excerpt:

“Are you almost ready, darling?” my mother calls through the door.

“Yes, mom, just a minute,” I reply as I slip a white cocktail dress over my head. It may be a little too mature for a seventeen year old, but this is the sort of thing you wear to one of my father’s parties.

“Alright, Stef, I’ll be downstairs parading around in front of the lions. The limo leaves in five minutes to take us to the party.”

I giggle as I zip up the side of the dress. She’s the only one who calls me by my nickname. Most people don’t know how you would get “Stef” from “Persephone” but I have my three year old self pronouncing it “Per-stef-o-ne” to thank for that, and my parents for naming me something as strange as Persephone.

What kind of character does Stef sound like to you? What do you think she looks like? What kind of party do you think she’s going to? Turner and I would love to hear your interpretation in the comments!


Rewind Wednesday

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It’s officially the middle of the week. so I thought It’d be nice to take a couple of minutes to relax. Our rewind Wednesday song of the week is going to be Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways.”

I’ve had this classic stuck in my head for the last couple of weeks, and it’s just such a beautiful song so I’d love to share it with all of you.


8 Signs a Friendship is Healthy (based on personal experience)

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  1. It’s okay to disagree. Disagreeing on something does not make you any less friends. In fact, depending on how you handle this, it can make you closer. What I’ve learned is that by agreeing to disagree you can feel comfortable voicing your opinion on any topic without fear of being judged or torn down. Also, by disagree and talking about your opposing sides, a great conversation can come out of it.
  2. Appearances can be deceiving. When you first meet someone and you judge them on their appearance, and let that judgment cloud your impression of that person, you might just miss out on a great friend. If you can get past first impressions and get to know this person, you are already 60% closer to gaining a friend.
  3. Space is never an issue. Whether you don’t see your friend for days or months, when you get together it’s as if you were never apart. They don’t always need to be physically present to be there for you.
  4. They stimulate your mind. If your friend is able to get you thinking, they are able to challenge your assumptions and ideas, they are worth keeping around. You should come away from conversations having grown.
  5. If you can break plans without feeling guilty. You should be able to flake sometimes without judgement. If you experience anger or resentment from your friend because you skipped out them, then they are not worth your time.
  6. You are past feeling jealous or left out when they hang out with someone else/ you can feel genuinely happy for your friend when they talk about the time they hung out with someone else.
  7. You can celebrate your friend’s accomplishments without feeling like they are bragging.
  8. And finally, you feel like a better person for having known them.

Let me know in the comments what signs you consider to part of a healthy friendship. I’d love to hear them.

Have a fantastic day!

– Collins

A review!

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Hey ho, Turner here!

So, along with reading, writing, working, listening to tunes, chatting to Collins on Facebook about very random things and all the other things life seems to entail…I review! Yep. I read books and write reviews for authors, how cool is that? I read a lot of young adult, new adult, romance, supernatural, well…anything really.

This is a review I have done for author Liv Hayes, for her new adult romance entitled “Pulse”. Check it out if you like a good forbidden love story!

I’m not sure if I could think of enough words to describe this story, but I think I’ll start with these ones: Emotional, heart wrenching, realistic, romantic, relate able. I was sucked in and by page fourteen, I was hooked. I was holding my breath waiting to see what would happened to these forbidden lovers.

This story is about Mia, a young woman studying English in university. After a breakup occurs, she is sent to the hospital complaining of heart pains, which is how she meets the swoon-worthy Dr.Greene. I don’t want to give too much away in terms of the story as it was so strong and well written it is worth going into it without knowing any spoilers. But I will say, the story line was very unique and refreshing.

I found Mia’s character to be very realistic. So much so, that I couldn’t help but completely relate to her. I felt as if I knew her, I could imagine myself making the same choices she did. She wasn’t a typical, cookie cutter heroine that we find so often in new adult novels. She was learning about who she was, what she wanted and how to deal with difficult situations as any young woman would and that made this read just that much better.

Now…Dr. Alex Greene. I just…I don’t even know! He was a perfectly damaged man, in my mind. An older man than Mia, with a little more life experience, who unfortunately had not gotten to the point where he was satisfied in his life. He has a past, he has his own insecurities and his own faults, as any normal person would, but his heart was big and he had a lot of love to give. (No wonder he was a cardiologist).

These two characters embark on a very forbidden, but passionate ride and I enjoyed every minute of it. The writing was fluid and articulate. The characters were well defined and had their own voice and I never found myself bored or uninterested, it kept my rapt attention from beginning to end. The only reason this one did not earn a five star from me was simply because the ending felt a little too rushed and I would have liked an epilogue. However, those are just personal preferences. I would definitely recommend this one!

Four solid stars.