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Endless-Light-Front-CoverSay hello to O’Brother! I discovered this song this morning, then discovered the rest of the Endless Light album. I loved every single song. Needless to say, I was impressed. To me, this song is a mix of Muse/Cirque Du Soleil/Evanescence. Great mix, great sound, great album.



A quick shout out.

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Hey all!

So…a new album just came out yesterday by one of my favorites The 1975! I know, exciting. I just wanted to give it a shout out, and let everyone know they should check it out. It is such an eclectic mix of 80’s sounds and new age electronic layers. Mix in Matt Healy’s unique, accented voice and you got a great album.

Here is a link for one of my favorite songs!


the bond between music and writing

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Have you ever noticed that music and writing were a match made in heaven?

Music expresses with feelings what we can’t say in words. One note can make you feeling a hundred different indescribable things. So it makes sense that music should be able to inspire creativity.

When you’re about to sit down and write a chapter, pull up some music that matches the scene you’re going to write. It could be cool and somber or steamy and punk rock. While you write, the feelings the music subconsciously gives you will bleed into your writing.

When I do this I find I write more description and the chapter has a more definitive mood. It also helps with my writer’s block. If I get stuck I just listen to the music and it takes me somewhere.

Try this out next time you write, you might find it useful.


I’m here. It’s time for a quote.



Turner here.

I know, I’m the silent partner.

It’s okay though, Collins is wonderful and I know she’s keeping you all entertained.

So, I believe I’ve posted about this band before, The Neighbourhood. Well, recently, I’ve been into them a lot more. I found these lyrics in the song “Afraid”, and they spoke to me so highly I decided to share them with you.

Being me can only mean
Feeling scared to breathe
If you leave me then I’ll be afraid of everything
That makes me anxious, gives me patience, calms me down, lets me face this,
Let me sleep,
And when I wake up (when I wake up, when I wake up) let me be

As someone who has struggled with fear, anxiety, with the devastating feelings of loss, the moment I heard these words, it struck my heart with the greatest recognition I’ve had in a long time. I like however, that even though the singer acknowledges that they have these struggles, it is those struggles that make them who they are. We deal with the things that make us scared, we move past them and in the end, it makes us better. That is my interpretation at least.

Let’s hear yours.