Halloween prep: song of the day/night

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htMy song today is in preparation for Halloween! This was the song written for Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, and it has an early 2000s Backstreet Boys/Aaron Carter vibe.

Turner and I finally have our costumes in order and we’re excited to dress up at work tomorrow. We hope everyone has a spooky scary All Hallows Eve!


my poem titled “Bad Things”

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Once upon a time,

Bad things happened in this world.

Bad things happened to good people

And bad things happened to bad people.

But bad things still happened.

Because that’s just how it works.

Life doesn’t care if you’re bad or good,

If you deserve it or not.

And it’s not fair.

But that’s how the story goes.


A spook-tacular Holiday!

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treeSo Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday of the year. There’s just something so awesome about everyone dressing up as someone else for a while. For one night the atmosphere in the world seems happy, mysterious, and creepy. Anything seems possible. Plus you can scare the crap out of people and not get yelled at!

The kids trick-or-treating is what really does it. It’s just pure glee and fun. I love handing out candy and seeing their costumes. My favourite was from the early 2000s. This little girl was dressed up as a bunch of grapes. She was wearing purple and covered in purple balloons, with a little green hat. Beyond cute.

How can anyone not like horror movies? There’s just something about cheesy horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s that add to the holiday. The terrified screams and obvious plots coupled with really gory scenes are fantastic. (On a side note, why does it seem so many Halloween movies take place during Christmas? Gremlins? The Nightmare Before Christmas?) Besides the Halloween Town movies, there was this one movie I love to watch every year called The Halloween Tree. If you haven’t seen it, you should look it up.

If you really think about it, how strange is it that we chose the pumpkin to carve out, cut a face into, and then stick a candle inside. You know a holiday is awesome when you commit mass gourd murder!

And finally, do I need to say it? Chocolate. Candy. Yum. Every year I buy one box of candy for the kids and one for me.

Happy Halloween everyone!


A horror story: part 3

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Here is another addition to the little short I have been writing about an unfeeling killer and his love interest. Enjoy!


I won’t bore you with the details of my life, trust me, they aren’t worth knowing. No, I wasn’t abused. I wasn’t molested. I had loving parents, well, so they tell me.
I played little league, had sleep overs with my buddies and played with my dog, Peanut.
I fought like normal with my little sister, Halle, went to Grandmother’s for cookies.
See? Normal.
What wasn’t normal was me. I was the odd one.
For as long as I could remember, I craved blood.
I craved to take life, to be the one in that position of power. To literally hold someone’s fate in my own hands.
I denied myself, of course. I was only a child, what did I know of murder? But as I got older, it got worse. There was no stopping my thoughts. No stopping the need for blood. It got to the point I would inflict pain on myself, simply to try and relieve myself. It didn’t work.
Nothing did.
Not until she moved in next door, I was twelve. She had the face of an angel and everytime she laughed, it caused my lips to twitch into a sort of smile. She was the only girl I ever saw. The only girl who ever silenced the voices in my head. The ones I never told anyone about.
Then a few years later, she was hurt, someone took her from me, damaged her innocent soul.
All that blood lust? It came spilling out. I never could get it back inside me, where it probably should have stayed. Although I can’t say I regret it. I don’t know that emotion.
Now, I relish in the feeling. I bathe in the blood of my guilty victims. I laugh in the face of death, all for her.
Because I love her.

my poem titled “Fissure in my Soul”

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Fissure in the sea that is my soul,

Pulls me down between the cracks, it won’t let go.

Trying hard to fill the void with whatever I can find,

But all the things I held dear are no longer close enough to call mine.

Reaching for hand holds, I find no hands to hold.

They come away empty with dust between my palms though.

I use the nothingness as a means to an end.

Humming along to the whispers in the wind I pretend,

That I’m not alone in this fissure,

That my real friends know me better.

And they’ll come curiously to check on me,

Peek over the edge into my personal misery.

Maybe one of them will throw down a rope.

Something tangible to hold onto, stronger than hope.

Because hope stretches thin like taffy when you’re alone,

In the fissure in your soul that you call your home.


Things that suck about having anxiety #1

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I feel like more people have anxiety disordes than people in general think, and unfortunately, I am one of those people. I’m starting a series of posts that share what it’s like to deal with anxiety. This is hard, because I don’t like to feel vulnerable or embarassed, but my hopes are that someone suffering with something similar can know they are not alone.

The first thing that sucks about having anxiety is watching something on tv that, even though it’s completely irrational, makes you feel anxious. Usually it’s a situation that you suddenly imagine you were in. It could be people crawling through air ducks, or people lost in a forest, or even people in a crowded train car. These are things you avoid because they are triggers, and even though you are safe and sound in your living room, your breath has sped up and your stomach is now upset. 

I often avoid going to movies for the same reason. Crowds and being stuck in one place don’t go over well with me, so it’s hard to keep it together when the explosions are loud and the action is intense. 

It sounds silly, but the mind of an anxious person is an irrational one. Accepting that is one of the most difficult things someone can do.


status update

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Turner and I have been diligently writing away on our “Unit 17” novel. We are about 75% done now. It’s interesting to compare this project to our two previous ones. The first novel we started together took nine months, the sequel took seven months. Unit 17 looks like it’s going to be finished in two months. It’s neat to see how you can improve the time it takes to turn something out. The more you write, the more you understand your characters, how pieces fit together, how plots should develop. With each project, you hone your skills. Turner and I are discovering this. We don’t feel like we’re groping in the dark for the light switch to shed light on the next chapter anymore. We know where the light switch is and can easily turn it on if we need the light.


spotlight sunday

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So basically, if you don’t know who Dirty Loops are, I don’t even know what to say. Consider this your introduction to this truly unique band! They are a jazz fused with electronic pop sounding group. So. Good.

If you like this song, be sure to check out their debut album, Loopified. Henrik’s bass skills…

I first discovered them through their YouTube channel, where they posted cover videos with their own spin. I recommend checking out their cover of Britney Spear’s song, Circus, as well.


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