What makes a hero?

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Often times I find myself contemplating what it means to have a hero. What makes a hero? Who is a hero? Is it a parental figure who has always been there for you? A celebrity who has inspired you or who’s art form has helped you through a hardship? Is it a solider who fights for your freedom or a historical figure who overcame adversity? After much debate and thought over it, I realized anyone can be a hero. It’s not who you are, but what you do. What you do, your actions and words have the biggest impact on how people perceive you as. My heroes, generally, are musicians. I grew up around musicians, I’ve spent my life listening to music, being inspired by it and in turn the people that I idolize are people who have the same passion as I do. Who can reach me through their own words, through their own sound. And so, I implore you to think about who your hero is. Do you have one? Let’s hear about it!

  • Turner