My poem titled “Alone”

Poem, Poetry

I imagine you here

When i feel alone

Beneath silken sheets

With your body in my arms

I can feel your skin

I can feel your breath

We can do anything

Anything yet

I imagine you here

When I feel alone

A shoulder to cry on

Warm hands to hold

A bright light in the black

To guide me back home

I imagine you here

When i feel alone

Days turn to night

And night becomes the light

That I see by

The candle I read by

The only constant I go by

And days go by


I imagine you next to me

When I feel alone

I imagine you next to me.



my poem titled “Merry Christmas?”

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We open our hearts but once a year
To spread a preconceived notion of Christmas cheer
We fill up ourselves with good deeds and food
To patch bandages over the atrocious moods
That we have the other 364 days of the year
Nothing says I love you like expensive gifts
And the fact that now debt is the only thing that fits
Secret Santa swaps with 15 dollar limits
Are the perfect way to impress a co-worker you dislike in 5 minutes
Horde your money to spend it all for 1 day
Sing songs about helping the world and those in need
‘Cause now boxing day sales involve black belts in karate
Take your Christmas spirit and spread it from winter to summer
Because being a decent human being needs to be passed on to others
Emerge from your wrapping paper and think