Karaoke love

karaoke, love, shortstory

A short scene I wrote while wanting to sing some karaoke. Cute, quick and fun.

I am the Queen of karaoke, I won’t deny that. I can belt it like the best of them and I love being up on this stage. I’m shaking and moving my hips, letting the soul of the song “Happy” fill me. The crowd is egging me on, clapping along with me. I love this moment. Im high on my new promotion, I am now a social worker, I will be helping the kids like me find the joy in their lives. I’m tipsy, all my friends are here…this is a perfect night.
“Come on, guys! Clap! Clap along if you feel….”
I’ve just done a three-sixty spin landing on my four inch heels, feeling the alcohol cause me to stumble when a second voice joins me, creating a perfect duet. The voice is deep, smooth and sexy. Perfectly harmonizing with mine. I look around, trying to locate the vocal god, when my eyes finally land on the tall dark and handsome man making his way to the stage. Our eyes lock. My breaths start coming in short bursts and I stop singing. He doesn’t. His voice is perfect. Just like the rest of him. Dark hair covers his left eye, dark framed glasses covering his deep brown eyes. His skin the colour of mocha.
Just then, I’m broken out of my trance as he climbs up on stage with me.
“Come on, baby girl, let’s rock this place.” Just then, he begins to swivel his hips just like I was. A laugh slips past my lips as he bumps his hip into mine. I put my microphone back up to my lips, joining the song at just the right moment. We sing, we dance, we get the crowd going. This is the best moment of my life. As the song ends, I stop and turn to my mystery musical partner.
“Who are you?” I ask, trying to catch my breath.
He winks. “Yours.”