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My mom shared this quote with me yesterday, and I thought it was beautiful. We are not all destined to be great, but if you can focus the greatness you have into little things in life, then together, the sum of all those things will make you great. Don’t give yourself all at once, but a little bit at a time.


realizing which genre speaks to you

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So after a year and a half of writing together, Turner and I have started to discover what we love to write. We’ve completed 3 novels but started at least 4 other stories in between. We found ourselves starting and dropping them a few chapters in. Why was this is?

Reflecting back on them, we realised a pattern. These stories were a different genre than the others! Any time we tried to write a period piece that was realistic and about plain people’s stories we lost interest. It’s not that we didn’t like what we were writing, we just weren’t excited about it. Thus we lost all interest in writing them.

The novels we had completed all had the same thread of a more creative and imaginative environment. The characters were realistic, but their circumstances set them apart from the ordinary. This realization is what now guides us in our 4th novel.

Basically, find which genre you’re passionate about. Which genre makes you excited? Which starts sparking your imagination? Then, go with it!



quote of the day

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“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

This world is already so full of negativity and judgement. Before you jump to conclusions, take a step back and try to understand them.


my poem titled “Fat Government”

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It pains me to see children at my government’s feet.

Screaming and crying they inconsolably weep.

My government’s too busy feeding its fat belly,

Shoving food down in haste with dinner is ready.

But dinner is not always ready for all.

Sometimes breakfast and lunch fall,

On some random day between Monday and Friday.


It pains me to see children walk around in bare feet,

Searching through garbage for treasures to eat.

They hold out their hands and plead with their eyes,

But the government remains oblivious to their silent vies.

Not everyone can afford turned up noses,

But if upturned noses were a dollar a dozen like roses,

Those children would eat three times a day, Monday through Friday.

And never be hungry again.




my poem titled “Inspiration”

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The illusive comet,

The sleeping giant,

The rare budding flower.

You evade me for days,

For nights.

You slip between the shadows

Of my mind,

Leaving undiscernible bursts of notions

In ink black wells.

Like fireworks,

All too quickly, you disappear from view.

Your brilliance fizzling out

Before it’s fully comprehended.

Like trying to catch water

With a net,

Or contain fire in your palm,

It’s impossible to contain,

To control.





my poem titled “Magician’s Assistant”

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one word moniker,


having the magical ability to disappear

when needed most.

Show me a magic trick

that doesn’t involve smoke and mirrors.

You put love in a box

and failed to make it reappear.

you sawed my heart in half

and wheeled it back stage.

you pulled my emotions from your sleeve.

like colorful scarves,

and discarded them to the audience.

You locked me in a container of water

and made me hold my breath, while you held the key.

but I’ve learned a few things being a magician’s assistant,

and soon I’ll be the one pulling the disappearing act.


my poem titled “Sliced & Diced”

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Division is our downfall.

Our need to classify, differentiate and organize

Will be our demise.

We are no longer one species,

But many races.

Sliced and diced.

Dependant on color, language, and geographical location,

We separate each other with boarders,

Calling a little patch of land home.

And you must be patriotic to that place,

Because rooting for another makes you a traitor.

If we removed the labels, all but one,

Would that make us see the world differently?

If we were all just human,

No part of a different group,

Called race, gender, country of origin,

Would we get along any better?

Would we look at another person

And not automatically classify them

By race or sexual orientation,

But instead judge them based on their actions and their heart?