my poem titled “Things I Remember Fondly About my Childhood”

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Being too short to reach the toaster

Not being able to eat spaghetti without getting red around my lips

The first time I sat in the car and I could touch my tip toes to the floor

Figuring out how to tie my shoes when my dad left to answer the phone

Saran wrapping an entire couch in the time my mother left me alone to answer a phone call

Playing sumo-wrestler’s in the living room until someone broke something

My first friend in kindergarten was the girl hiding behind the teacher’s other leg

Sleeping over at my grandma’s house with my sister and giggling so much at bedtime that she had to send one of us to the other bedroom

Mispronouncing words and phrases for years (purple-oni, finger-skater, botter-wattle, one horse soap and slay)

Crooked bang trims from my mother in the kitchen that later had to be fixed by a hair salon

Tricking a girl in kindergarten that a glue stick was lipstick… her lips got stuck together

Playing red light green light with my grandpa in the backyard

Rolling around instead of walking because, why not?

Sneaking jelly-beans from the bins at the store and shoving them in my sister’s pockets too because, hey, if I was getting in trouble, so was she

Not being able to go to sleep until mom or dad tucked me in

Laughing for twenty minutes because my dad called me a “kanuckle-head”


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