my poem titled “I Don’t Have Much to say”

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I don’t have much to say,

But what I say matters.

Don’t say something if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Make it worth saying.

Move mountains.

Build people up.

Speak from the light in your soul,

Not the dark parts.

It should taste like honey coming up,

Not poison going down.

If you’re going to say something

It should inspire people,

Motivate them.

Make them see the beauty,

Understand a message.

You are a platform.

People listen to you every day,

So make sure what you say is worth saying.

Don’t waste people’s time.

Build them into skyscrapers

And give them the courage to say what’s on their mind.


Quote of the day

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself…life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Many times in my life I have heard people say, mostly to others, how can you know yourself? You need to search for who you are. Don’t do that, don’t take that risk, don’t love that person until you have found Yourself, til you do whatever is necessary to come to a place of “knowing”. I have never personally believed that one can “find” themselves, in truth life is about learning, growing, changing and adapting. No one stays the same forever, not if they seek knowledge. Not if they experience new things. We create who we are through our lives, loves, journeys and the choices we make. And that to me, is one of the reasons life is so beautiful.


My poem titled “You were whole once”

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You were whole once

When you were born

Before judgement wrapped around you like a serpent

And squeezed out all the contentedness you had

You were whole once

When you were a child

Before that girl in school called you names

And shattered your self confidence

You were whole once

When you were a teenager

Before your father pointed out that acne on your face

And crushed the love you thought was safe

You were whole once

But that was so long ago you can’t remember when it was

You remember each time you were knocked down

You somehow found the strength to get back up

Even though it felt impossible

And you thought that you deserved so much more, After all

You were whole once


Quote of the day!

inpiration, motivational, quote, quote of the day

“The future has an ancient heart.” – Carlo Levi

This has always been a profound quote to me. The future is based on our past decisions, the decisions of those before us and those before them. Not only decisions, but circumstances.Whether it be the future of an individual, the future of a society, the future of the world, I believe it is up to us to learn from the past to make our destiny the best it can be.

What do you feel has the greatest impact on your future? Do you believe that the past can define our future, or are we able to overcome our seeming fates?

– Turner