My poem titled “Alone”

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I imagine you here

When i feel alone

Beneath silken sheets

With your body in my arms

I can feel your skin

I can feel your breath

We can do anything

Anything yet

I imagine you here

When I feel alone

A shoulder to cry on

Warm hands to hold

A bright light in the black

To guide me back home

I imagine you here

When i feel alone

Days turn to night

And night becomes the light

That I see by

The candle I read by

The only constant I go by

And days go by


I imagine you next to me

When I feel alone

I imagine you next to me.


My poem titled “Blue Sky”

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I had gotten used to the clouds

Casting shadows over my life

And raining down on my dreams

Drenching them until they became so heavy I couldn’t lift them anymore

The crashing of the thunder didn’t startle me like it used to

I remembered I had seen a clear blue sky once

And it was so beautiful and calm

That I had committed it to memory

But that was so long ago I didn’t bother to try and remember the details

Because it hurt too much

I turned my eyes skyward today and I saw it

A brilliant sliver of blue, peeking through the clouds

It was accompanied by something I had never seen or felt before

The sun

It warmed my face, my skin, my soul

I watched as the golden rays began to dry my dreams

One by one they expanded and lifted from the ground

Shining in an untapped brilliance

I gathered the dreams together and like a bouquet of helium balloons, I tethered them to one another and used them to carry me skyward

I needed to reach that sliver in the clouds

I needed to push the clouds apart and have my blue sky, my calm