New album review – Nothing But Thieves (indie/alternative)

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nothing-but-thieves-album-cover-1437136361So Nothing But Thieves just dropped their album this morning, and I have to say, I’m impressed.

They had released a single, “Graveyard Whistling” some time ago, and every since then, I’ve been waiting to see what else this band had to offer.

The first thing that I noticed after a listen through was the attention that appeared to be paid to each track. Each song was wholly different than the other. That, to me, is a reassuring sign. Next, I liked the interspersing of emotional raw tracks between the hard-hitting ones. You get used to heavy guitar and drum loops and suddenly you’re floating on a steady current of soft acoustic bars and painful lyrics.

I love this band’s ability to create resonating emotion in the listener. Each track makes you feel something different. You feel energized and pumped up and suddenly you feel broken and uneasy. The album in it’s entirety has a very independent, haunting feel.

Because the album cover itself is just as much a part of the album, let’s talk about that. The image of this shadowy horse galloping forward, through what looks like fog, conjures a feeling of mystery and intrigue. It’s simple, but doesn’t give too much away.

Personally, my favourite tracks are:

If I get High


Lover, Please Stay

Drawing Pins

Tempt You (Evocatio)

All in all, this album deserves 5 bright stars. I can’t say enough, so I’ll just leave my praise at that. Here’s a little sample for you….


song of the day

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In the spirit of “the year that Marty Mcfly visited” I want to share with you a single by the 1975 that Turner showed me. It’s such an ’80s inspired pop song that it fits the mood perfectly. It reminds me of BTTF part 2.

Here is the preview of the song, but you can hear the whole song on ITunes.


Quote of the day

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Hey there,

So, there has been a song bouncing around in my head, it’s been on repeat over and over on my ipod. There is a verse that just…speaks to me. Not for any philosophical reason or profound reasn, but a personal reason. Everytime I hear it, I stop and just soak the words in. It brought me to tears the first time. So I decided to share it with you all. You should all check out the song “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors.

Mother, I know
That you’re tired of being alone
Dad, I know you’re trying
To fight when you feel like flying

But if you love me, don’t let go
If you love me, don’t let go

  • Turner

spotlight sunday … on monday

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Had a really busy weekend at work so I was too burnt out to post yesterday, I’m sorry! But I’ll make it up to you by posting an awesome Two Door Cinema Club song. These guys can do no wrong, I tell ya. They come up with the coolest riffs and unique instrumentation. If you like this song be sure to also check out a few of my other favourites: “changing of the seasons,” “golden veins,” “what you know,” “sun,” “I can talk,” and “cigarettes in the theater.”