Remember when…?

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Have you ever just been going about your day and then an action, or smell, or saying occurs and suddenly a childhood memory resurfaces? I’ve been having that happen a lot lately.

The other day I was pulling into my house’s driveway, and I was reminded of my father letting me steer the car into the garage at our old house. I would scoot over beside him and he would slow the car to a crawl. With my little hands I would eagerly grip the steering wheel, giddy that I was driving the car. It was very exciting.

About a week ago someone had said something funny and I was reminded of the time my dad had called me a “kaknucklehead.” It was the funniest thing my sister and I had ever heard (bare in mind we were about 7 & 5) and we laughed for a solid twenty minutes.

But then there are other times when you are reminded of things from your childhood you’d rather forget, or wish you wouldn’t remember because they make you sad. Like an argument, or a reprimand, or a stupid something.

Fortunately the happy memories out number the less happy ones, and I feel grateful that I have so many good memories to remember. Do you have any childhood memories that you’ve remembered recently?