Connor Holden has OCD.

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So, often times Collins and I go off on our own and explore our own stories and characters. Generally, whilst we still work together. Let’s just say the amount of characters I have screaming to get out is pretty impressive. I’d like to share a snippet of a character who really wanted out. This is going to be a tough journey for me to get into words, but I’m up to Connor’s challenge.

“One. Two. Three. Four.”
No…It doesn’t feel right.
“One. Two.”
I’m pacing my bedroom. My palms clenched, sweat beading down my forehead, my dark hair falling into my eyes. I want to go out there. I want to walk down those stairs, sit on the couch with my family and welcome the new neighbours. But first, I need to get to seven. If I don’t get to seven, I’m going to have to start again. Let’s hope I get to seven.