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Turner wrote another poem? Madness. Here it is.


A man of many words,
A woman of many thoughts,
Silence radiating through,
Communication a flat line,
Hopes and dreams pushed under the rug,
Fear and loathing spreading,
Resentment and pain festering in minds,
Inevitable death and dashed desires,
Never moving and never changing,
A man of not enough words,
A woman of no thoughts.

My poem titled “Stained Glass”

Poem, poetry

Sometimes we break a little

And the cracks let the light in
We resemble stained glass 

Like windows in old churches

They’re chipped and broken

But they glint with beautiful colors

They remain standing

Despite the damage they’ve endured

And somehow we still look at them in awe

It’s the same with people

The most beautiful are the most resilient