A tree or a bird?

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A tree grows a root, deep and strong,
It carries water and nutrients from the soil,
To the leaves, so they can soak up the sun,
Allowing this ancient giant to thrive forever.
I wish I was like a tree, rooted to a home,
Someone with the will to stay,
A story held within my core, with the wisdom of something so old,
But I am not.
I am more like a bird, flying high,
A creature with the insatiable desire to leave and explore warmer places,
Only to come back, time and time again,
Never staying but also never leaving.
So I am a bird, but I make my home in the tree.
Can I be both?


My poem titled “Rooted”

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Just when I think I’ve heard the last of you


You come traipsing back into my life


Larger than life itself


And remind me everything


I tried so hard to forget


And the worst part is


It’s not even you


It’s the memory of you


I sleep and your face surfaces in the dream world


I try to sleep and can’t seem to think of anything else


I stare up at the ceiling and can’t shake you


You’re rooted in my subconscious


I wish I could undergo some surgical procedure


To extract you from my brain


But I guess I’m resigned to living a life


Without a say in who remains in it