My poem titled “Things we Like”

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We tend to push back the things we like
Like small children
And place them behind the things that we don’t like
We’re content with living joyless lives
And shucking money into the void
We’re told we can’t do the things we like
And support ourselves
So we spend all of our time doing the things we don’t like
Until every last drop of our joy is gone
And we don’t have the energy to pull
That small child out from behind the ugly things
And create something we do like

My poem titled “I’m Okay”

Blog, Inspiration

I tell myself that I’m okay

That I’m strong enough to make it through the day

I refuse to let myself crumble

Under the tons of rumble

That with inevitably fall

So I stand tall


I tell myself that I can swim

Tread water till I can pin-

Point that sliver of doubt

Pull it out

And make it through the day

I might actually believe that I’m going to be okay