my poem titled “Unholy “X””

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Crossed legs disguising short hem lines

Avert wandering eyes

With the illusion of false modesty

They are the unholy “X”

A gateway to some alluring nirvana

Shrouded behind some small talk

A few drinks bought at a bar

Some offering deemed worthy enough

To unlock the gates and permit you entry

And as you pass the threshold

You realize those gates are far from pearly

That they were nothing more

Than a shadow dancing behind a partition

A flimsy attempt to keep intruders at bay

But you’re not complaining


my poem titled “Some Women”

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The women of today it seems

Revel in the world of selfish means

Of selfies, and makeup, and pursed lips

Of the size of the booty behind their hips

The imaginary gap between their thighs

Night out with their friends trying to get high

On socialization and media press

I find it hard to stomach, I confess

And I’m all for the strong independent women

Who wields her feminism clad fist at passing men

But she raises a middle finger to all the haters

Who are just other girls trying to see you later

And you can’t be friends with another feminist

Because her morals clash with your outfit

Your hair is too teased with hairspray

That you tease all the men with a long wait

And its funny because you’re a revolving door

Of sex on the covers, on the chair, the floor

You stare hard in the mirror trying to perfect your reflection

But you fail to see the total lack of perfection

That you claim to portray

Nice try, but try another day


Quote of The Day

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“When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad I’m better.”

Mae West

I have always loved Mae West. She was always one of the guys, and could easily hold her own. She’d have a clever quip to anything and her “couldn’t care less” attitude made her that much more appealing. She was on a stage all her own compared to other film stars of the time. Her sass and her iconic looks make her one of the most interesting women in film.


Is a woman be defined by the length of her hemline? Yes.

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This is a question that has always been steeped in controversy. There are usually two polar opposing views, but I wanted to share my take. Bear with me as I have to un-jumble the gazillion different opinions that are bouncing around inside my head.

Let’s start with the media’s view of women in general. We are usually portrayed as objects of sexual temptation and desire. This is not to say being a sexual being is wrong, but the use of the label “object” is what holds the negative connotation. In being labeled an object, we, as women, are broken down into pieces. We become “the girl with the big boobs,” or “The chick with the nice ass.” Rarely is a woman sought after because of her intellect or her personality.

Now here is the second problem. Women now have to choose how they want to display these assets. Do they want to dress conservatively, so as not to draw attention to their bodies? Or do they want to celebrate and flaunt the assets they are proud of by dressing more revealingly. In my opinion, neither option is wrong. But again, that nasty little connotation with dressing revealingly creeps into your mind, whether you like it or not. But now it gets a little confusing…

The media hypes up images of scantily clad women rocking their bodies, but society frowns upon that sort of thing. Many females in the music industry can be seen performing in skimpy leotards and other costumes that leave little to the imagination. Yet no one has a problem with this. But if an everyday women were to wear the same thing out in public, she would get quite a few stares and comments. How this disconnect happened, I don’t know.

Basically the whole issue boils down to sex. If a woman’s body were not sexualized to the extent it is, women could be free to wear what they wanted, and wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted attention. Everyone has the right to choose what she wants to wear; she can wear the damn miniskirt if she wants to.

There is a catch though. Our society won’t change its view overnight, and it’s going to be quite a long time before significant change can be made. So if a woman is going to be wearing a low cut mini-dress with no back and side cut-outs, you’d better believe she should be aware of the attention she is going to warrant. I’m not saying she should have the unwanted attention in the first place when she is clearly proud of her body, but it’s the unfortunate reality of the present.

I could ramble on forever, but you get the point. Please let me know in the comments what your take on this topic is.