The Collected

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Here is a piece of our current work in progress, coming soon.

  • Turner Collins

I wasn’t naive as to why I’d ended up where I was. I knew the lifestyle I had chosen could land me here. I was aware that my choices, my mistakes, they all had consequences. I knew all this and somehow I had still believed that the group of people I had chosen to dedicate my life to would protect me from this fate.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

The small 6 x 8 cell that had been my home for the last six months was my price to pay for those mistakes.

-Dach, The Collected

status update

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Some exciting news to share! Turner and I have sent our manuscript for Betrayal Comes First to an editor, and have taken the first steps in self publishing. This was the most nerve wracking move we’ve made thus far, but we have to admit, it also feels pretty damn good. A book is only worthwhile if it can be shared with other people. We hope to share it with all of you within the next little while.


realizing which genre speaks to you

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So after a year and a half of writing together, Turner and I have started to discover what we love to write. We’ve completed 3 novels but started at least 4 other stories in between. We found ourselves starting and dropping them a few chapters in. Why was this is?

Reflecting back on them, we realised a pattern. These stories were a different genre than the others! Any time we tried to write a period piece that was realistic and about plain people’s stories we lost interest. It’s not that we didn’t like what we were writing, we just weren’t excited about it. Thus we lost all interest in writing them.

The novels we had completed all had the same thread of a more creative and imaginative environment. The characters were realistic, but their circumstances set them apart from the ordinary. This realization is what now guides us in our 4th novel.

Basically, find which genre you’re passionate about. Which genre makes you excited? Which starts sparking your imagination? Then, go with it!



Status update

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It’s been a while since we posted a status update, so here is the last one of 2015! Turner and I have been working on a story for about a month until we realised we weren’t committed to it. It just wasnt grabbing our attention. We stormed for a while until one of our recently posted short stories sparked an idea. With a newfound excitment we eagerly started planning a new novel to work on. This was good for us for a couple of reasons, but the most important one is that we’ve figured out which genre we are truly passionate about writing. 

In addition to this awesome development, we’ve also created a New Years resolution for ourselves. By the end of next year our goal is to have one of our novels published! This is both daunting and frightening, because though we are confident in our work, publishing is a whole new monster to grapple with. We decided this goal was worth it though if we are to ever further our craft. 

In the coming months we will begin streaminglining the book we want to focus on publishing as well as sharing pieces of our new writing endeavour with you lovely people. We trule appreciate the love and support we receive here and we can’t wait to move into 2016 with you!

Have a New Years eve that’s one for the books.

-Turner Collins