Writer’s block x 2

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So it seems that along with the blizzarding cold and various personal problems that January brought with it, it also blessed Turner and I with severe writer’s block. My poetry well has run dry and Turner’s story weaving has halted.

We’re hoping to shake this when the warmer weather starts defrosting February and along with it, hopefully our creativity. Thanks for hanging with us through the dry spell this blog has been experiencing!

Here’s to a fresh start.


Status update

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So as of today, the editing of Unit 17 is finished. Let me tell you, we heaved a huge sigh of relief after that one.

Next on the agenda is ordering a cover and formatting, then after that is a dozen other details… 

But we’re trying not to get bogged down, we’ve come so far and the hardest part is over!

The beta reading stage will commence in the coming weeks and if any of you are interested in becoming a beta reader, please let us know in the comments.

We look forward to sharing our first finished work in the near future!

-Turner Collins

status update


So it’s been a while since we posted a status update, but we have a good reason for that. We’ve been writing up a storm.

We set a goal for ourselves to publish our first book by the end of April so we needed to get our butts in gear.

Remember that story called Unit 17 that we posted snippets of? Yeah that’s the one we’ve decided gets to go first.

The process is confusing and daunting with so many options and routes to take, but Unit 17 will most definitely be an ebook. To our lovely blog followers, you will be the first to know when it’s available. We really appreciate you all.

The whole idea of releasing this book out into the world is nauseating but what’s the point if writing if it’s never really enjoyed? Stay tuned for progress updates!

-Turner Collins 

status update

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Some exciting news to share! Turner and I have sent our manuscript for Betrayal Comes First to an editor, and have taken the first steps in self publishing. This was the most nerve wracking move we’ve made thus far, but we have to admit, it also feels pretty damn good. A book is only worthwhile if it can be shared with other people. We hope to share it with all of you within the next little while.


Status update

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It’s been a while since we posted a status update, so here is the last one of 2015! Turner and I have been working on a story for about a month until we realised we weren’t committed to it. It just wasnt grabbing our attention. We stormed for a while until one of our recently posted short stories sparked an idea. With a newfound excitment we eagerly started planning a new novel to work on. This was good for us for a couple of reasons, but the most important one is that we’ve figured out which genre we are truly passionate about writing. 

In addition to this awesome development, we’ve also created a New Years resolution for ourselves. By the end of next year our goal is to have one of our novels published! This is both daunting and frightening, because though we are confident in our work, publishing is a whole new monster to grapple with. We decided this goal was worth it though if we are to ever further our craft. 

In the coming months we will begin streaminglining the book we want to focus on publishing as well as sharing pieces of our new writing endeavour with you lovely people. We trule appreciate the love and support we receive here and we can’t wait to move into 2016 with you!

Have a New Years eve that’s one for the books.

-Turner Collins

status update

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Since beginning the editing process, it’s become clear words and actions are two very separate things. The process seems straight forward: re-read, correct grammar, fix plot holes, format, create e-book, publish. These steps are so misleading.

The first three steps alone are intertwined and can go back and forth. It takes a long time to even finish these, because you can fix and tweak forever. It creates a sense of unrest. You get impatient. You want to get a move on and start formatting and making it pretty. You’re sick of your eyes glazing over and burning from reading words on a screen for hours at a time. But it’s worth it.

I really want to run ahead and start of the cover, the look, but the foundation has to be sturdy, reworked, crafted to last. Working towards publishing a book really makes you learn patience.

Aside from patience, the other nerve-wracking part has got to be that someone else is going to beta read and critique the book. Someone who hasn’t read these words a hundred times, a fresh pair of eyes is going to take in everything. The biggest fear is rejection, that your work doesn’t measure up. Simply, that it isn’t good.

But you have to tell yourself that you are good. You need to believe that you have done your best and that is the best you can do. You need to remain confident in your ability and your vision.


status update

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So Turner and I have half a chapter left to write and then we are finished Unit 17. Of our three projects, this is the one we feel confident in pursing to publish. We will be working with a beta reader and also try to design a cover. So surreal. And terrifying.

In a week, we’ve already planned our next project, and we’re extremely excited to share snippets with you all as the story begins to form. Right now let’s just say California, 1960s, surfing, Vietnam war.


status update

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Turner and I have been diligently writing away on our “Unit 17” novel. We are about 75% done now. It’s interesting to compare this project to our two previous ones. The first novel we started together took nine months, the sequel took seven months. Unit 17 looks like it’s going to be finished in two months. It’s neat to see how you can improve the time it takes to turn something out. The more you write, the more you understand your characters, how pieces fit together, how plots should develop. With each project, you hone your skills. Turner and I are discovering this. We don’t feel like we’re groping in the dark for the light switch to shed light on the next chapter anymore. We know where the light switch is and can easily turn it on if we need the light.


status update

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Let’s talk about something you have to deal with when writing with a co-author. The word is patience.

When you write with someone else you need to understand they have their own responsibilities and schedules. They may not be able to write as often or as much as you are able to. This is where things can get tricky. You may be may be frustrated because you’ve written up a story and you’ve gotten half way through the book and your partner is only on the third chapter.

This is where you practice that thing called patience. A good way to do that is to talk with them. Talk about they chapters they’re working on and possible things they could mention or how to write it. Work with them to fill your time so you’re not just sitting there waiting for them to send you pieces. This will also help to make sure their pieces flow in the same pace as yours.


I’m still here

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Hey there,

It’s Turner. I know, it’s been a while. But I am still around! I do still check up on the blog. Collins is a great partner, so I know you haven’t been too lonely without me. All the poetry up in here is awe-inspiring!

I decided to post a song today, because, everyone loves new music…at least I do. This is an oldie, well, if 2008 is old, but there you go. A little different then the normal style I post, but it has always been one of my favorite songs.