my poem titled “Innocence”

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Innocence is not a prize

A challenge to get between her thighs

Something to be bought with dollars and lies

It’s not a game of hard to get

She doesn’t mean yes when she says “not yet”

Don’t get ahead of yourself and place your bets

She’s not a prude

She’s not giving you attitude

Don’t mistake her reluctance as rude

Don’t mistake her booty for treasure

For gold coins to spend forever

The end of a fruitful endeavour

Because her innocence is priceless

Her heart is bottomless

And her patience is endless


Get to know me

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Today, let’s get to know Luka’s charming older brother, Aleksei.

“So, tell me something,” Aleksei says, picking up a dumbbell in his good hand, doing a curl in a slow, precise movement. He’s been going at this longer than I have. His endurance can’t be beat by anybody, even I can admit that. I look over, waiting for him to elaborate. “When was the last time you had a woman? A real, honest to god, looking for a good time girl?” he chuckles.

I shake my head in disgust, taking a large swig of the water bottle at my feet. Aleksei carries on laughing, before continuing with his disturbing thoughts.

“Because let me tell you, the babe I was with last night? Jenn? Jess? Whatever it was, well she was definitely a good time girl. She was quite vocal too.” He eyes me with amusement.

“You know, you’re vulgar. Why do you even care if you’re getting such ‘good times’?” I ask. I decide to let my shoulders and wrists have a break and step onto the treadmill, setting it at an even pace.  I keep my head forward, staring out of the tinted glass window in front of me. The sun has already begun to set, making the sky a mix of orange and pink. I can see Maxim in the garden, playing on his iPad. His shoulders are hunched, his blond hair falling into his eyes. The kid can seriously eat fifty big mac meals and not gain a single pound. Not that it really matters, he is still a sneaky little thing. I’ve trained my little brother well. At only fifteen, he can handle himself. Aleksei breaks my thoughts, still trying to engage me in his ridiculous conversation.

“Because, you are getting pretty crotchety. What was the last chick’s name you were seeing? Bethany? The chick with the big boobs?” He laughs, setting the dumbbell down and crossing his arms over his chest. I ignore him. Apparently he doesn’t approve of this, because he grabs me by the scruff of the neck, pulling me back to look him square in the face. I lose my footing, almost tumbling off the treadmill.

What kind of relationship does it seem Luka has with his brother? What do you think Aleksei looks like?


Is a woman be defined by the length of her hemline? Yes.

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This is a question that has always been steeped in controversy. There are usually two polar opposing views, but I wanted to share my take. Bear with me as I have to un-jumble the gazillion different opinions that are bouncing around inside my head.

Let’s start with the media’s view of women in general. We are usually portrayed as objects of sexual temptation and desire. This is not to say being a sexual being is wrong, but the use of the label “object” is what holds the negative connotation. In being labeled an object, we, as women, are broken down into pieces. We become “the girl with the big boobs,” or “The chick with the nice ass.” Rarely is a woman sought after because of her intellect or her personality.

Now here is the second problem. Women now have to choose how they want to display these assets. Do they want to dress conservatively, so as not to draw attention to their bodies? Or do they want to celebrate and flaunt the assets they are proud of by dressing more revealingly. In my opinion, neither option is wrong. But again, that nasty little connotation with dressing revealingly creeps into your mind, whether you like it or not. But now it gets a little confusing…

The media hypes up images of scantily clad women rocking their bodies, but society frowns upon that sort of thing. Many females in the music industry can be seen performing in skimpy leotards and other costumes that leave little to the imagination. Yet no one has a problem with this. But if an everyday women were to wear the same thing out in public, she would get quite a few stares and comments. How this disconnect happened, I don’t know.

Basically the whole issue boils down to sex. If a woman’s body were not sexualized to the extent it is, women could be free to wear what they wanted, and wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted attention. Everyone has the right to choose what she wants to wear; she can wear the damn miniskirt if she wants to.

There is a catch though. Our society won’t change its view overnight, and it’s going to be quite a long time before significant change can be made. So if a woman is going to be wearing a low cut mini-dress with no back and side cut-outs, you’d better believe she should be aware of the attention she is going to warrant. I’m not saying she should have the unwanted attention in the first place when she is clearly proud of her body, but it’s the unfortunate reality of the present.

I could ramble on forever, but you get the point. Please let me know in the comments what your take on this topic is.