New Music Alert

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Greetings and salutations, Collins here!

Now is probably a good time to share the fact that Turner and I share an unhealthy obsession with Indie rock music, specifically from British bands. Today I would like to turn the spotlight to a group I recently discovered. “Glass Caves” is a group that just doesn’t disappoint.

Not only are they lyrically strong, but the instrumentation is out of this world. Their songs boast strong and intriguing arrangements that take you for a zig when you thought you were going to zag. Among the songs that I would recommend are “Why Stay?,” “Out of Control,” “Go,” and “Breaking Out.”

I hope to highlight groups and songs that I believe deserve a few more listens. In saying that, stay tuned if you, like me, are on the look out for fresh tunes.

I have attached the video to “Why Stay?” for your listening pleasure. Have a pleasant day all!