spotlight sunday

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I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. This Sunday, I’m dedicating my spotlight to a talented artist that goes by the name of Lawrence Taylor. This song is all about the guitar and strong vocals and the switch build up at the end just makes it that much better.



spotlight sunday

indie, indie music, indie rock, music, spotlight sunday

If you haven’t discovered High Tyde, you don’t know what you’re missing. Of course they are another British indie band (shocker), but that appears to be where the best music is right now. This lovely band has some interesting music and among their best songs are “Feel It,” “Talk to Frank,” “Mustang Japan,” and “Me And You.”

These guys really have a way of twisting their instrumentals into unexpected and ear catching ways. Enjoy, and have a great Sunday!


New Music Alert

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Greetings and salutations, Collins here!

Now is probably a good time to share the fact that Turner and I share an unhealthy obsession with Indie rock music, specifically from British bands. Today I would like to turn the spotlight to a group I recently discovered. “Glass Caves” is a group that just doesn’t disappoint.

Not only are they lyrically strong, but the instrumentation is out of this world. Their songs boast strong and intriguing arrangements that take you for a zig when you thought you were going to zag. Among the songs that I would recommend are “Why Stay?,” “Out of Control,” “Go,” and “Breaking Out.”

I hope to highlight groups and songs that I believe deserve a few more listens. In saying that, stay tuned if you, like me, are on the look out for fresh tunes.

I have attached the video to “Why Stay?” for your listening pleasure. Have a pleasant day all!