A review!

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I have another one for you guys. This one is Scratched by Marie Long. A deejay/basketball star meets the love of his life, but is she for real or is she in it for his persona on stage?

3 stars

This book was a quick and sweet read, however, it fell a little short for me. I give it a good three stars, though.

In this book we meet Kevin, brother of Dom from the previous book. Kevin is a deejay as well as a basketball player, however he quit college and ultimately gave up basketball a few years earlier in order to take care of family issues involving his little brother. Now twenty four, Kevin wants to move forward with his life and pursue his music and basketball career. All the while, building a relationship with one of his biggest fans, as well as his brother’s girlfriends, friend, Trinity.

While I thoroughly enjoyed reading about such a different set of characters then I’ve come to find lately, I felt that the relationship between Kevin and Trinity didn’t feel organic or natural to me. It felt rushed and their dialogue towards each other a little awkward. That being said, I liked hearing about a man who wasn’t a “manwhore” and who truly cared about his spouse. I also liked that Trinity, whilst being a heavier set woman, was strong in who she was and didn’t let that get her down.

I felt that the story of Kevin, aside from his relationship, was strong. His journey to basketball and deejay fame was realistic and I felt carried the story. There were a few things involving Trinity that occurred later on in the book that I felt were not, in my opinion, necessary. But apart from that, the writing was pretty solid and flowed well.

If you like cute books about basketball stars and strong woman, then this is for you.

– Turner