Get To Know Me

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Any posts with the “Get To Know Me” label are going to be dedicated to getting to know some of Turner and I’s characters better. We are going to take a look at one of the main characters from our first book “Betrayal Comes After.” Let’s catch a glimpse of Stef through this excerpt:

“Are you almost ready, darling?” my mother calls through the door.

“Yes, mom, just a minute,” I reply as I slip a white cocktail dress over my head. It may be a little too mature for a seventeen year old, but this is the sort of thing you wear to one of my father’s parties.

“Alright, Stef, I’ll be downstairs parading around in front of the lions. The limo leaves in five minutes to take us to the party.”

I giggle as I zip up the side of the dress. She’s the only one who calls me by my nickname. Most people don’t know how you would get “Stef” from “Persephone” but I have my three year old self pronouncing it “Per-stef-o-ne” to thank for that, and my parents for naming me something as strange as Persephone.

What kind of character does Stef sound like to you? What do you think she looks like? What kind of party do you think she’s going to? Turner and I would love to hear your interpretation in the comments!



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