Jacob at work

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Newest addition in my Jacob works!


Unfortunately for me, my whole life wasn’t play. I had to work.
Today was one of those nights, my fingers ached from typing, my eyes were starting to get blurry as I stared at the bright computer screen in the pitch black of my office.
The numbers ran across the screen, changing, rearranging, trying to keep me out. Not that they could. I wasn’t the most sought after hacker for nothing. Math was my thing, or so they said in school. Numbers, formulas, algorithims, they just came to me. It was child’s play really. I was accepted and awarded scholarships to any school I had wanted to go to. I never went.
My angel had always wanted to go to college, she wanted to be a veternarian. But after that sadistic bastard stole her light…she never mentioned it again. I was sure to remind him of that the day I stuck my blades into him and ripped his nasty appendage straight off his body.
I shake my head to clear the thoughts of her that plauge me seemingly every minute of every day. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her, too holed up in my office trying to finish my latest assignments to check on her. But after tonight? I would be there.
I pull up the minimized screen on my computer, taking a much needed break from work.
There she is…sitting, reading her book in peace. A steaming cup of what I can only guess is lavender tea, her favorite. She smiles as she gets to a part she enjoys, her index finger flipping the page. She readjusts her large square framed glasses on her nose. I still remember the day she got those and she told me she felt like a dork. I told her no one would make fun of her and that I would make sure of it.
I kept my promise, I always kept my promises to her.
Pleased that she seems to be content I minimize the screen again.
Tomorrow. I glance at the clock. 11:08 PM, just a few more hours and I’ll be seeing her in person again.
My heart rate spikes and my palms sweat at the thought of it.
It can’t come soon enough

Get to know me

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Here’s another snippet from our current project The Collected. Erika isn’t too impressed with the orderlies.


“Maybe she’s one cranky bitch by now, being stuck here for years,” Jake jokes. I don’t find his joke funny.
“Yeah,” Tulu says. “She’s got to be one crotchety—“
He doesn’t get to finish before my angry boils over. I focus on the pen and it wretches from Jake’s hand and goes skidding down the hall.
Jake’s eyes pop open in shock and Tulu chuckles awkwardly. I circle them, hands on my hips, as I size them up.
“That was weird,” Jake says.
“I think you made the ghost angry,” Tulu grins.
“Got that right,” I snap. “You two idiots are blaming the wrong person. I would never…” I trail off realizing it’s pointless and head down the stairs.
Jake goes to collect his pen and I send it rolling further down the hallway. Asshole.
The lobby is a large cheery looking room with yellow walls and blue furniture. Blue chairs and couches for patients families to wait. A large white receptionist’s desk is set in the middle of the room with Ingle Creek’s name splashed across the front. There are several generic pieces of artwork that hang all over the place, all in muted shades of purple and grey. Those haven’t changed since I got here.
I wait by the front doors, shuffling my feet as I practice my moonwalk. The receptionist stationed at the desk takes two boring calls before I see a delivery man mounting the front steps. Finally.
The man carries a brown package under his arm as he grunts, fumbling with the doors.
“Damn arthritis,” he mumbles as he gets the doors open and shoulders his way through.
I slip through the doorway as soon as he clears it, the old hinges on the door slowing its movement. Outside, the afternoon sun is dipping lower like a sunflower head that’s too heavy. I sit on the steps and pull my knees up to my chin.

Another piece to Jacob.

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Wow, it has been awhile since I’ve written anything with this character. He went a little dormant for awhile, but he is back with a vengeance and a plan. Here is the newest installment in Jacob’s story. Be warned. Dark.


I had it all planned out.
I had gotten the itch out of my system, effectively scratching it out. Two more crooks, perverts, met their maker. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Things were going accordingly.
Now it was time for me to get her, life without her was becoming…uncomfortable.
I hadn’t thought about it much, but I really hadn’t been apart from her for longer than a few days in almost a decade. I was a solitary creature by nature, but…apparently I had formed some sort of attachment to her.
Not that I could be blamed of course. I may be a monster, but I am still man. A man with urges, needs and desires. She filled every single one of them. Or she would. Once I had her back.
I’d been known to make a wrong choice a time or two, sending her away was one of them.
I watched her in her second story window, her long blonde hair pulled up in a messy knot on top of her head. Her thin white camisole not covering nearly enough, short pink shorts revealing just the slightest curve of her ass. It was mouth watering.
I pulled my hood down farther, covering my eyes completely as I pulled my cell phone out and dialed her number for the first time in weeks. I saw her room light up with the bluish glow of her phone before she brought it to her ear.
“Jacob?” She whispered. God I hadn’t heard her voice in so long, it was like angels singing. Poetic, I know. But the truth can’t be changed.
“Come downstairs.” And with that I hang up, shoving the phone back into my pocket and making my way to her front door, leaning against the white pillar in the entryway. It only takes a few moments before the door flies open and her eyes widen as they take me in.
I do the same.
She’s flawless.
“What are you…” She clears her throat. “What are you doing here?”
I take a step towards her, unable to help myself. My hand moves of their own accord and my finger tips feather across the smooth skin of her neck, feeling her pulse there nearly makes me lose my mind.
She steps away, crossing her arms over her chest. Shutting me out. She’s never shut me out before.
“Seriously…after what happened the last time I saw you, I just…you can’t be here.”
“I can and I will.” I say.
A tear starts to track its way down her cheek. I quickly snatch it with my thumb and put it in my life, tasting the salty sadness on my tongue.
Her head starts to shake, I don’t even think she notices she is doing it. “Go…Jacob. Just go.” A sob rips from her as she pulls away completely and shuts herself inside her house. I hear the lock click.
I stare at the door, willing her to come back. She doesn’t.
I’m not a fool, so I don’t stick around.
I pull out my phone and send her a text.
“This isn’t over, Angel.”