Jacob at work

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Newest addition in my Jacob works!


Unfortunately for me, my whole life wasn’t play. I had to work.
Today was one of those nights, my fingers ached from typing, my eyes were starting to get blurry as I stared at the bright computer screen in the pitch black of my office.
The numbers ran across the screen, changing, rearranging, trying to keep me out. Not that they could. I wasn’t the most sought after hacker for nothing. Math was my thing, or so they said in school. Numbers, formulas, algorithims, they just came to me. It was child’s play really. I was accepted and awarded scholarships to any school I had wanted to go to. I never went.
My angel had always wanted to go to college, she wanted to be a veternarian. But after that sadistic bastard stole her light…she never mentioned it again. I was sure to remind him of that the day I stuck my blades into him and ripped his nasty appendage straight off his body.
I shake my head to clear the thoughts of her that plauge me seemingly every minute of every day. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her, too holed up in my office trying to finish my latest assignments to check on her. But after tonight? I would be there.
I pull up the minimized screen on my computer, taking a much needed break from work.
There she is…sitting, reading her book in peace. A steaming cup of what I can only guess is lavender tea, her favorite. She smiles as she gets to a part she enjoys, her index finger flipping the page. She readjusts her large square framed glasses on her nose. I still remember the day she got those and she told me she felt like a dork. I told her no one would make fun of her and that I would make sure of it.
I kept my promise, I always kept my promises to her.
Pleased that she seems to be content I minimize the screen again.
Tomorrow. I glance at the clock. 11:08 PM, just a few more hours and I’ll be seeing her in person again.
My heart rate spikes and my palms sweat at the thought of it.
It can’t come soon enough


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