Get to Know me

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Let’s get to know Maria, Stef’s step-mother from “Betrayal Comes After.”

Cyn and I have made it about ten steps inside the carved mahogany doors of my house when Maria hears us.

“Persephone,” she calls in a shrill voice, a Colombian accent coloring her words. “Did you pick up the order from Atkin’s Lingerie like your father asked?”

I cringe at the foot of the stairs. “Please just call me Stef,” I say over my shoulder. I don’t really want to look at Maria.

“Stef,” she says sarcastically, “That’s not a proper reply to my question. Turn and face me when you’re speaking to me.”

When I turn to face her, I make sure I’m standing on the first step, so I’m just a little taller than her. I have the misfortune of noticing the extremely low cut top she wears to display her fake boobs. She’s wearing some sort of spandex leggings she thinks can pass for pants. The fact that I can see her thong through them proves they don’t. She stands with her hands on her hips. Cyn sits perched at the top of the stairway, a grin plastered across her face; she thinks Maria is a riot. “Yes we did.”

Maria glances around dramatically. “Really? Where’s the box? I don’t see a box.”

Does Maria seem like sunshine and roses, or like fluorescent lights and Venus fly traps? Let Turner and I know in the comments.



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