A spook-tacular Holiday!

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treeSo Halloween is definitely my favourite holiday of the year. There’s just something so awesome about everyone dressing up as someone else for a while. For one night the atmosphere in the world seems happy, mysterious, and creepy. Anything seems possible. Plus you can scare the crap out of people and not get yelled at!

The kids trick-or-treating is what really does it. It’s just pure glee and fun. I love handing out candy and seeing their costumes. My favourite was from the early 2000s. This little girl was dressed up as a bunch of grapes. She was wearing purple and covered in purple balloons, with a little green hat. Beyond cute.

How can anyone not like horror movies? There’s just something about cheesy horror movies from the ’70s and ’80s that add to the holiday. The terrified screams and obvious plots coupled with really gory scenes are fantastic. (On a side note, why does it seem so many Halloween movies take place during Christmas? Gremlins? The Nightmare Before Christmas?) Besides the Halloween Town movies, there was this one movie I love to watch every year called The Halloween Tree. If you haven’t seen it, you should look it up.

If you really think about it, how strange is it that we chose the pumpkin to carve out, cut a face into, and then stick a candle inside. You know a holiday is awesome when you commit mass gourd murder!

And finally, do I need to say it? Chocolate. Candy. Yum. Every year I buy one box of candy for the kids and one for me.

Happy Halloween everyone!