The Start of Something

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I was only a young boy when they first came to me. I was supposed to be sleeping, but instead I had my flash light on under my covers reading my favorite comic book. If my mom knew, she’d tan my hide. But I did it anyways. If I had been sleeping…I doubt they ever would have found me. But I had to know what happened to my favorite characters. Did they defeat evil? Did they lose their damsel?
I never found out.
Now I live in fear, for every day when I lay in bed she comes to visit me. With her three other friends. The most beautiful sirens I have ever seen, except it’s not real. None of it is. I lost track of reality that day as a young boy with a flash light.
I’m now a shell of a man, a man who has to sleep with the lights on.
It’s pathetic really. I mean…they have to be a figment of my imagation. There is no way three raven haired women come into my room every night to taunt me. To feed on my soul.
Or do they?
God…the confusion is the worst part.
My parents never believed me. They told me it was a nightmare, it was in my head. They took me to the best doctors in town for them to say the same things. Sooner or later I realized my best bet was to agree with them, to not tell them that it was real. That I had the scars to prove it littered around my body. They became a shameful secret. I was a shameful secret. My mother and father never told anyone what was happening to their son, they simply pulled me from school. Told their friends I was out, or I was sick and that’s why I wasn’t around.
When I finally finished my schooling, I packed my things in the middle of the night and left. I was hoping that maybe if I left that house…the four women wouldn’t follow. But they did. And now they’ve got me trapped down here…because they no longer simply come at night. Now that I’m alone? They come whenever they feel like it. They’re going to kill me. I know they are, I can see it in the gleam of their eyes as they stare at me. In the pitch of their laugh as they taunt me and ridicule me. Telling me that time is running out to be a good boy.
I’m not a boy, I’m a god damn twenty-four year old man, but you’d never know it.
Hell, maybe I’m already dead. This is hell, it just has to be.



my poem titled “No Such Thing as Ghosts”

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This was just a funny idea that popped into my head. Not my best, but I like it. Enjoy!

The light from the hallway slips under my door

And bleeds onto my bedroom floor

Illuminating just enough

Like a lone street lamp on a long stretch of highway

For my sleep tinkered eyes to see

Something I had not expected


A woman with pearls draped around her neck

And a man in a bolo hat giving her cheek a peck

They stand just outside the reach of the hallway light

But their figures are cast white against the darkness

Glowing with subtlety light a dimming flashlight


I pull the covers farther up exposing just one eye

And the couple stops just long enough to heave a grunting sigh

They float over to my bed with curious faces

Like somehow I’m the most interesting thing of three possible in this room

Giving each other a glance they begin to laugh

A floating sound not anchored to a body


Two long shadows interrupt the hallway light under my door

And the couple looks down at me and chortles once more

When my mother opens the door and pokes her head in

Asking what all the noise is

I simply say that ghosts are responsible

“There’s no such thing as ghosts” she frowns

When she closes the door I look to my left

And the couple chuckling silently seem to disagree