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Since beginning the editing process, it’s become clear words and actions are two very separate things. The process seems straight forward: re-read, correct grammar, fix plot holes, format, create e-book, publish. These steps are so misleading.

The first three steps alone are intertwined and can go back and forth. It takes a long time to even finish these, because you can fix and tweak forever. It creates a sense of unrest. You get impatient. You want to get a move on and start formatting and making it pretty. You’re sick of your eyes glazing over and burning from reading words on a screen for hours at a time. But it’s worth it.

I really want to run ahead and start of the cover, the look, but the foundation has to be sturdy, reworked, crafted to last. Working towards publishing a book really makes you learn patience.

Aside from patience, the other nerve-wracking part has got to be that someone else is going to beta read and critique the book. Someone who hasn’t read these words a hundred times, a fresh pair of eyes is going to take in everything. The biggest fear is rejection, that your work doesn’t measure up. Simply, that it isn’t good.

But you have to tell yourself that you are good. You need to believe that you have done your best and that is the best you can do. You need to remain confident in your ability and your vision.


song of the day

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This is one of the most moving and beautiful songs I have ever heard. The lyrics are so emotional and the piano melody is haunting. Take a listen and I hope it touches you too!


quote of the day

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“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”

Our job in life is not to make people around us feel lesser. If we are here, we mind as well make life a little brighter. If you have the opportunity to do that for someone else, do it. Cheer them up, comfort them, lend a hand, offer help, do whatever they need in order to feel better. Nothing feels better than that warm feeling around your heart when you truly help someone. So instead of tearing someone down, build them up. People will think of you as someone to remember, because chances are they haven’t had many people do that.


Change with the leaves

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015So autumn is here, which means a lot of things. The leaves have changed to rustic browns, tangy oranges, and mellow yellows. They’ve transformed the landscape into a passionate and fiery transition to winter.

Every year around this time, I like to reflect. I like to take a look back at what I’ve accomplished this year, what I’m proud of, and what I want to change. With the year coming to a close, I always want to take the opportunity to see where I’m at.

I like to take a look at my lifestyle. Have I made the changes I wanted to make? Have I achieved the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year? Have I treated myself well?

Then I reflect on my academic progress. I know the struggles I’ve won, the obstacles I’ve overcome, and though things got difficult at times, I remember that I made it through. I praise myself because I need to remember I have the strength to make it through.

What about my relationships? I take a look at the relationships in my life. Are the friends I have healthy? Do they add positivity to my life? Do they create the kind of atmosphere I want to be around? Do they make me better? I consider if there are any people I should cut loose.

Finally, I take a look back at the things I did to push myself out of my comfort zone. What things did I do the test myself? Did the outcome of taking those chances make me grow? Were they positive or negative experiences?

I often feel a weight lifted off my shoulders when I can break down everything and analyze it. I can pinpoint where I have excelled and where I have fallen short. It’s a chance to re-evaluate how life is progressing and remind yourself that you are doing a good job, doing the best you can, and growing. You can change your colors with the leaves.


status update

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So Turner and I have half a chapter left to write and then we are finished Unit 17. Of our three projects, this is the one we feel confident in pursing to publish. We will be working with a beta reader and also try to design a cover. So surreal. And terrifying.

In a week, we’ve already planned our next project, and we’re extremely excited to share snippets with you all as the story begins to form. Right now let’s just say California, 1960s, surfing, Vietnam war.


my poem titled “The Freedom Manual”

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Freedom of speech should have come with an instruction manual.

Too many people use it as a weapon,

As a shield to hide behind.

We assume it gives us the right to say anything,

Whatever’s on our minds.

Unfortunately most people don’t use their minds.

Because if they thought for three seconds,

They might think twice,

And that could save someone a lot of hurt.

Open your mind and shut your mouth.

Are your words useful? Helpful? Inspiring?

Do they shine light on others?

Or do they snuff out sparks?

Freedom of speech is not the freedom to be a jerk,

To be insensitive or a bully.

So prepare your words carefully,

Because freedom is supposed to be beautiful.



A Quote

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“What’s happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness. – Don Draper from Mad Men

So, yes, I have kind of an obsession with this show. But the social commentary on the time period and the often very insightful and meaningful quotes and ideas are what make this show spectacular to me.

This quote is one of those that I stopped…pondered and realized was so true. Happiness is something you search for. It is also something that comes and goes. As sad as that may be to think sometimes, I can’t help but agree with. But, the positive in this all is that we have the ability to make ourselves happy. We have to find the things that make us joyous, that make us smile. We have to hold onto them and never stop looking for them. I believe we are all capable of finding that one thing or many things that bring us happiness, even if it can be fleeting.

Never stop looking for it.


my poem titled “I Don’t Have Much to say”

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I don’t have much to say,

But what I say matters.

Don’t say something if it doesn’t mean anything to you.

Make it worth saying.

Move mountains.

Build people up.

Speak from the light in your soul,

Not the dark parts.

It should taste like honey coming up,

Not poison going down.

If you’re going to say something

It should inspire people,

Motivate them.

Make them see the beauty,

Understand a message.

You are a platform.

People listen to you every day,

So make sure what you say is worth saying.

Don’t waste people’s time.

Build them into skyscrapers

And give them the courage to say what’s on their mind.


Things that suck about having anxiety #1

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I feel like more people have anxiety disordes than people in general think, and unfortunately, I am one of those people. I’m starting a series of posts that share what it’s like to deal with anxiety. This is hard, because I don’t like to feel vulnerable or embarassed, but my hopes are that someone suffering with something similar can know they are not alone.

The first thing that sucks about having anxiety is watching something on tv that, even though it’s completely irrational, makes you feel anxious. Usually it’s a situation that you suddenly imagine you were in. It could be people crawling through air ducks, or people lost in a forest, or even people in a crowded train car. These are things you avoid because they are triggers, and even though you are safe and sound in your living room, your breath has sped up and your stomach is now upset. 

I often avoid going to movies for the same reason. Crowds and being stuck in one place don’t go over well with me, so it’s hard to keep it together when the explosions are loud and the action is intense. 

It sounds silly, but the mind of an anxious person is an irrational one. Accepting that is one of the most difficult things someone can do.