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Hey guys,

Turner here, Today, while it pours rain on the city, we’ve decided to play some word prompt games. I find these help me be creative when I am stuck in a rut. I was wondering what you guys do when you get struck with a bad case of writers blocks? Let’s hear your ideas!


My poem titled “You’re not ugly at all”

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Have you ever noticed, that when you look at yourself,

Really look at yourself,

You’re not ugly at all


I don’t mean how you look when you’ve just finished your face in the mirror

Not after you’ve perfected that cat-eye liner

Not after you’ve applied your bright red lips

Not after you’ve blushed your cheeks just the right amount


I mean when your face is naked

When you’ve just stepped out of the shower

When you can see those freckles,

When you can see that acne

When you can see those bags under your eyes


You spend too much time hating those tiny imperfections,

Too much time shredding your self esteem

But the makeup gets caught in the cracks of your façade

And those all too obvious insecurities are magnified

You try so hard to cover those scars

That you can’t see you’re just making it worse


Why is it so difficult to love what is natural?

Why are you made to feel bad about something you were born with?

About something out of your control?

Why does it always seen like everyone looks perfect but you?

Like out of a whole production line of dolls, you were the only defective one?


Because society says so

Because the models in the magazines you read look like alien beings of perfection

But why do you listen to what society says?

Haven’t you realized that 99% of society does not look anything like the ideal of beauty they advocate?

Those models in those magazines don’t even like what they look like, even though they are deemed the ideal


You need to love what you were born with

You need to love who you are when you are alone in the bathroom, no makeup on, just you and your reflection

Because if you heal those internal scars that you tried so hard to cover with makeup

You won’t be broken anymore, you’ll be whole

And you’ll find that you’re a hell of a lot prettier than you gave yourself credit for

You’ll realize that you weren’t ugly at all


quote of the day

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“Every day may not be good…
but there’s something good in every day”
― Alice Morse Earle

We should realize that every day is a gift and that positivity is key. Just because you’re having a bad day, and everything is going wrong, doesn’t mean the universe refuses to sprinkle bits of positivity into unlikely places. Imagine you are late for work because your car got a flat tire, then when you finally get to work someone trips and spills their coffee all over your desk. These things would suck, but if you looked back on your day with a closer eye, you’d remember that the tow truck driver was extremely nice and went above and beyond and that while cleaning the coffee off your desk you got to talking with the co-worker that spilled it and find out you have a lot in common. There is always a balance and a day can not be all bad, it just doesn’t work that way. We always find it easy to accept the bad because these things happen so often, but we are lazy creatures so we seldom search through our day to find the good.


Quote of the day

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“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”
-Margaret Mead
Everyone strives to be different. They identify as not the norm, or alternative to the norm. That’s cool, but just because you reject society, or pop music, or trends, does not make you special. In fact, there are thousands of other people thinking and doing the exact same thing. Industries in fashion, music, and everything else are geared toward people like you to make your identity attainable. Why do you think alternative music has become so mainstream? So many people sought out an alternative to mainstream music that enough people listened to that kind of music that it became mainstream. Ironic. The sooner people stop trying to just be special and unique and instead look to identify with people who feel the same way, the sooner we can stop hating other people because they aren’t as different as we are. Stop thinking “me” and start thinking “we.”

The Perks of having a sister and being a sister

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  1. You can go from hating each other to loving each other in about five minutes
  2. It is really something special to have someone that you can feel completely comfortable around
  3. You have two closets to choose from instead of one
  4. When you look your worst and you can feel no judgement at all when your sister looks at you
  5. It makes life easier when you can confide your deepest insecurities in your sister
  6. When your sister is younger and you feel extremely proud of her accomplishments because she will always be your little sister
  7. Having someone to experience the dark parts of life with
  8. Having someone who is going through their period at the same time, so you have someone to eat junk food with
  9. They’ve lived their life right beside yours so they understand why you are the way you are
  10. Having a younger sister and feeling special because they don’t know a time when you weren’t around
  11. Having profound conversations at 11:30 at night because you both can’t get to sleep


Compliments: The Dos & Don’ts

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  1. Do use them sparingly. If you continually compliment someone every single time you see them, the magic begins to wear off and they might start to think of you as being jealous or a suck-up.
  2. Don’t compliment someone unless you genuinely mean it. This goes for anyone, but especially for those in customer service. It becomes quite obvious it is part of your job when you compliment everyone in line as they pay for their stuff. The specialness you feel when someone gives you an unprompted compliment is unbridled, but when it’s just a robotic “Your outfit is super cute, I love it” and she’s said it to the three other people in front of you… well, you know.
  3. If you are going to compliment someone without actually meaning it, at least say it in a believable tone. Because nothing is worse than receiving a compliment you know was fake.
  4. Do not feel the need to “trade” compliments. If someone you are interacting with tells you they love your shoes, don’t say “thanks, and I love your jacket.” You just sound insincere.
  5. Do not fish for compliments. If you want to go fishing, take your fishing pole and bait and head over to the nearest lake. There is nothing worse than someone who feels the need to gain validation from others through dropping hints.
  6. Do refrain from giving your friends loaded compliments such as “OMG you look so skinny in that dress” or “Those shorts make your butt look so small.” These are superficial and could make your friend feel uncomfortable or ashamed of their body. Focus on non-material centered compliments like “You are so good at staying positive.”
  7. Do accept the compliment. Just say “thank you” and take the freaking compliment. Someone went out of their way and just gave you an honest opinion of what they like about you. Don’t think you’re not worth it, or that you don’t agree, or tear yourself down. Just. Take. The. Compliment.
  8. And finally, do make it a habit to give one genuine compliment a day. I find complimenting someone is a gift that gives to both the receiver, as well as the sender. When you make someone else feel good, you feel good in return, and that’s a great feeling.