Story excerpt from our debut novel


So with Unit 17 making its way closer to publishing, we thought we’d share the preface of the book with you all. If you have a chance, let us know what you think in the comments. It’d be much appreciated!


I blink. “I’m sorry?”
The Director is watching the scientists go. He must have dismissed them while I wasn’t paying attention. “What did you think about the demonstration?”
“Oh. Um, it was interesting. I’m not sure why I needed to be here though.”
“A valid question,” Wolfgang chuckles, tilting his head. “I wanted to observe your reaction, along with hers.”
I ask curiously, “What was that going to show you?”
“Much. Tell me, Theo, do you care for Ms. Morris?” His eyes remain glued to my face. I feel like a specimen under a magnifying glass.
“I saw her around school,” I shrug. “I like her about as much as I liked any of my other classmates.”
Wolfgang nods to himself and strides a few feet away, his hands clasped behind his back. He stops. “I am under the assumption that she cares for you.”
“Why does it matter if she likes me or not?” I ask innocently.
“It makes all the difference in the world, at least that’s my theory.”


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