Jacob is on the move.

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Newest addition to Jacob and his journey to his angel.



Some people exercise in gyms, weights, running. Swimming pools. Useless DVD workouts. Me? I exercise in the forest, with my blades. I’ve been exercising a lot lately.
Ever since my angel sent me away.
I won’t be away for long, I just decided to give her some time. I know she loves me, oh how I know. I know what her sweet, pink lips taste like. What her silk hair feels like as it runs through my fingers. I’m not giving that up. She’s mine, she always will be. I will hide the monster, just for her. Only for her.
It’s these thoughts that race through my mind as I slaughter the man beneath me. His blood splattering against my boots.
“Please…” It’s gurgled as his mouth fills with bile and blood.
“Please, please…they all beg! Please, don’t kill me! I won’t do it again, I swear!” I mock and spit in his face, leaving my blade jammed into his prone body.
His eyes plead with me. They won’t find any sympathy from me. It’s people like him that made her the way she is now, that stole the light from her eyes. Now I’ll steal theirs and leave them in darkness.
When I’m done with the bastard pedophile, I dump his body into the swamp that lays within the woods. Leaving him to decompose with all the others.
I find my way back to my apartment, dark and cold. The way I like it. I toss my boots in the sink to clean later and strip my clothes off, pouring myself into a scalding hot shower. Letting it wash the darkness away, just for a few hours.
Once I’m done, I make it to her house. She’s in the living room, her blinds closed, but still allowing a little leeway. It’s like she wants me to watch.
I finally release the breath I’d been holding for the last few days.
There she is.






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