Get to know me


Here is a little snippet from our new story The Collected, so you can get to know our antagonist “The body” a bit better.


Dach’s body chuckles, drawing back from Mabel. “Hello little haunter.”
I stare at the body in stunned silence. Had he heard me? How is that possible?
“Leave Mabel alone,” I say, setting my jaw.
“And what if I don’t?” The body turns and watches through its wavy tendrils of hair. Its eyes have the glean of a cat’s, curious and knowing.
“I… I’ll get an orderly’s attention, bring them here. It wouldn’t be hard.”
The body looks to Mabel then stands from the bed, its gown making little crinkling noises. “You’ve made quite the reputation for yourself here, haven’t you?” I don’t say anything. It grins and walks slowly towards me. “Tell me, how does it feel to have been trapped here for over thirty years, to spend your days walking around aimlessly, collecting trinkets? To be here so long you don’t even notice the days pass anymore. To lead a meaningless existence.”
“Shut up.”
It gets closer still. “What’s it like to be nothing?” It waves its arm, passing it through my midsection. A cold wave ripples through me. “To be a whisper in the wind?”
“I said shut it!” I take a step back, out of its reach, and stare up into its eyes. “I am not nothing. I may be dead, but at least I don’t go around trying to kill other people. That’s something crazy people do, so maybe it makes sense you’re in here.”
“Crazy people,” his lips twist around the word ‘people’ and make it sound like a curse. “You were one of those, weren’t you?” It leans closer as an ugly grin overtakes its face. “Say hello to Dach for me.”


A blast from the past


Hey there,

100 followers? Kick ass! Seriously. That is so awesome. In spirit of this, I’ve decided to take us back to the beginning. Well, not the beginning of this blog, but part of my start into writing. I used to be famous for writing my thoughts on the notepad on Facebook and posting them all the time. This little gem is from six years ago, when I was much younger and much more naive, but I found it intriguing that my thoughts on the actual topic haven’t changed much. It’s interesting to think that I was only a teenager back then, not out in the real world. Yet, now as an adult, I can still find myself thinking the same way. Although my thoughts are a little more matured, less obtuse, I found pride in myself for my ability to think critically even back then. Despite the total lack of talent in the writing itself. So, go old me!

I walk through my society, and I feel no security. I know when I go home, I am going to have to worry about where I find my next meal. I know soldiers are dying over seas for a cause that is obscure. Government officials are pathetic. I`m tired. I`m tired. I`m tired. My thoughts are spinning, think of this what you will. But I refuse to have pride in a society, and a world where we are not all treated equally. Those at the top, enjoy your security, and those at the bottom, enjoy sleeping on the streets.



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So Turner and I have been awaiting the day we hit our first blog milestone: 100 followers. And we did it.

We are beyond thankful to have connected with so many people. Thank you for sharing in the love and joining in our journey.

To all of you newcomers, feel free to follow us on our instagram account where we share more of what we love.


Much love,


the bond between music and writing

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Have you ever noticed that music and writing were a match made in heaven?

Music expresses with feelings what we can’t say in words. One note can make you feeling a hundred different indescribable things. So it makes sense that music should be able to inspire creativity.

When you’re about to sit down and write a chapter, pull up some music that matches the scene you’re going to write. It could be cool and somber or steamy and punk rock. While you write, the feelings the music subconsciously gives you will bleed into your writing.

When I do this I find I write more description and the chapter has a more definitive mood. It also helps with my writer’s block. If I get stuck I just listen to the music and it takes me somewhere.

Try this out next time you write, you might find it useful.