My poem titled “What is my Life?”


 A bundle of nerves
A call outgoing on a telephone wire
A stack of assignments
a parking meter about to expire
An apple a day
Four panic attacks
Eight glasses of water
A greasy big mac
The number of people in my circle
The number of texts I’ve received
The enemies I’ve left behind
Or the number of lies I’ve believed
The places I’ve haven’t travelled
The places I’m going
The airports I’ve been in
The post cards I’m showing
The smiles I’ve made
The jokes I’ve told
People saying i look young
People saying i look old
The times I’ve raised hell
The fires I’ve quelled
The days I stood quiet
The times I felt overwhelmed
The breathes I’ve taken
The tears I’ve cried
Could be a recollection
And I’ll tell you why
It’s not the moments
The memories
The dollars in the bank
The coulda, woulda, shoulda bes
It’s every day
Everything put together
A testament that you did it
That you did the world one better

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