A blast from the past


Hey there,

100 followers? Kick ass! Seriously. That is so awesome. In spirit of this, I’ve decided to take us back to the beginning. Well, not the beginning of this blog, but part of my start into writing. I used to be famous for writing my thoughts on the notepad on Facebook and posting them all the time. This little gem is from six years ago, when I was much younger and much more naive, but I found it intriguing that my thoughts on the actual topic haven’t changed much. It’s interesting to think that I was only a teenager back then, not out in the real world. Yet, now as an adult, I can still find myself thinking the same way. Although my thoughts are a little more matured, less obtuse, I found pride in myself for my ability to think critically even back then. Despite the total lack of talent in the writing itself. So, go old me!

I walk through my society, and I feel no security. I know when I go home, I am going to have to worry about where I find my next meal. I know soldiers are dying over seas for a cause that is obscure. Government officials are pathetic. I`m tired. I`m tired. I`m tired. My thoughts are spinning, think of this what you will. But I refuse to have pride in a society, and a world where we are not all treated equally. Those at the top, enjoy your security, and those at the bottom, enjoy sleeping on the streets.



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