my short story titled “Flashlights”

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Here’s a short story I wrote a few years ago. I love looking back on these to see the progress that’s been made. Enjoy!


I propelled myself backwards, cramming between boxes and crates. Jagged pieces of wood and the vertices of cardboard cut and scraped my bare arms as I shoved further to the back of the warehouse. My back hit the plaster wall with a thud and I curled my knees up under my chin drawing my cut arms around them.


Jesse was about 30 feet away from me, crouching behind a huge shelf of auto parts. She motioned to me she was coming over, and I motioned back not to. It was too dangerous, they we already in the warehouse, searching every nook and cranny for us, and they had guns.


She was breathing hard, huffing as she scuttled closer to me. It was so loud I swear it was echoing throughout the iron and concrete labyrinth.


Foot steps clacked on the cement floor emanating through the air. Jesse froze and my breathing halted. Chatter could be heard just outside the building, oh no, they’ve found us!


My brain, like a merry-go-round starting spinning backwards. Recollecting every inhuman thing this people did to us, and others. The experiments, the conditions … the torture….


Well I was done with it, and so was Jesse. So we ran, which would explain why we were cornered in this scrap metal prison with really no way out.


The memories caused shutters to ripple through me and I had to concentrate on not shaking, that would make noise. And noise could cost me.


The air was filled with tension and fear, almost liquid. Jesse’s movements were fluid as she slunk behind a forklift, just 15 feet away now. She stopped there, her back against the machinery as the steps increased in volume. They entered in the opposite side of the room, behind shelves and equipment. They were dressed in black, men and women clutched guns and talkies. The metal from one caught in the flickering light of a fluorescent high above and flashed, as if to warn us of the impending danger.


I sat up and kneeled quietly, my fingers digging into the cardboard of the boxes in front of me.  Narrowing my eyes I spotted a woman a little ways to the right of Jess, and I mouthed the words ‘don’t move’ to her.  But I could tell she was starting to itch with desperation. The woman glanced around and headed off in the opposite direction of her.


Flashlights beamed around, trying to search us out. I ducked as one beam narrowly missed my head. I raised my head slightly so my eyes could catch what was going on.  I could only imagine how she felt, I could feel my muscles coiling tighter, wanting to spring, to jump up and run.


She couldn’t take it anymore, as the woman turned her back, Jesse bolted.


My arms flailed frantically, I screamed ‘turn back’ though no words actually escaped my mouth.


A single shot was fired, a through and through. Jesse crumpled to the ground, and my hands flew to my mouth in an effort to silence the screams that followed. I daren’t move. As one of the agents bent over the unmoving girl that was my best friend, reality hit me.


I leaned back against the wall and sobbed quietly to myself. And it was in that moment I realised I would never get out.




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