Another tale of a dark stranger.

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Here is a new piece on my dark, confused character, Jacob. Enjoy.

I hadn’t seen her in weeks. My heart was aching for her just as it was after only a few days, but this was much, much worse. Which was a weird thing for me because it had never done that for anyone before her. She changed everything, the very make up of who I was was evolving in my love for her. Love. Oh, is this what love was? If it was, cut my heart out and feed it to the dogs. This was not an emotion for someone as void as me. Someone as dark, twisted and seedy.
My food was tasting bland. My thoughts were always on her. Even the sight of blood wasn’t cutting it.
I hadn’t killed in over three weeks.
Something had to give, was I losing my touch?
Did someone really have this much control over me?
This wasn’t going to work.
I had to find her, bring her back to me. Make promises I wasn’t sure if I could keep. Was she just as lost and confused as I was? Was this what it meant to care for another? To be human?
Oh the questions, the questions.
They stirred in my head.A continuous loop. A drip, drip, drip. Like a leaky faucet. Usually, I would take a damn sledge hammer to it. Smash the wretched thing til it couldn’t drive me insane anymore. Call someone to have it replaced. But this was my brain we’re talking about here.
My palms were sweaty as I watched her angelic form cross the street.
Of course I knew where she was, I always knew where she was.
Just a few feet separated us. I wanted to grab her. Hold her captive, keep her safe, keep me sane.
Her face broke into a brilliant smile as she embraced another girl whom I knew was her best friend, apart from me, of course.
I pulled the strings of my black hoodie tighter, my eyes only leaving her form as she headed into the restaurant.
Only a few more days, a few more kills.
I’d be back for her.
Not even my dark passenger would come between us.



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