my poem titled “Eye of the Tornado”

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Do you ever just lay down,

And close your eyes,

And it feels like the world is shifting around you?

Like you’re in the eye of a tornado?

You feel still, but your mind is in motion,

Jostling back and forth like a ship on high seas.

You squeeze your eyes shut tighter,

Hoping that’ll stop it;

But it keeps going.

You feel like a goldfish inside a bag

That some kid won at a fair,

Carrying you home absentmindedly.

Your body becomes solid,

But your mind still gushes around inside,

Frantic for footing.

But storms can find no purchase,

Because they are creations of nature.

And they must wear themselves out

Like gale forces winds,

Sputtering into gusts,

Settling into breezes.

And then they’re still.





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