my poem titled “Sliced & Diced”

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Division is our downfall.

Our need to classify, differentiate and organize

Will be our demise.

We are no longer one species,

But many races.

Sliced and diced.

Dependant on color, language, and geographical location,

We separate each other with boarders,

Calling a little patch of land home.

And you must be patriotic to that place,

Because rooting for another makes you a traitor.

If we removed the labels, all but one,

Would that make us see the world differently?

If we were all just human,

No part of a different group,

Called race, gender, country of origin,

Would we get along any better?

Would we look at another person

And not automatically classify them

By race or sexual orientation,

But instead judge them based on their actions and their heart?



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