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Since beginning the editing process, it’s become clear words and actions are two very separate things. The process seems straight forward: re-read, correct grammar, fix plot holes, format, create e-book, publish. These steps are so misleading.

The first three steps alone are intertwined and can go back and forth. It takes a long time to even finish these, because you can fix and tweak forever. It creates a sense of unrest. You get impatient. You want to get a move on and start formatting and making it pretty. You’re sick of your eyes glazing over and burning from reading words on a screen for hours at a time. But it’s worth it.

I really want to run ahead and start of the cover, the look, but the foundation has to be sturdy, reworked, crafted to last. Working towards publishing a book really makes you learn patience.

Aside from patience, the other nerve-wracking part has got to be that someone else is going to beta read and critique the book. Someone who hasn’t read these words a hundred times, a fresh pair of eyes is going to take in everything. The biggest fear is rejection, that your work doesn’t measure up. Simply, that it isn’t good.

But you have to tell yourself that you are good. You need to believe that you have done your best and that is the best you can do. You need to remain confident in your ability and your vision.



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