Change with the leaves

inspiration, life, motivational, random

015So autumn is here, which means a lot of things. The leaves have changed to rustic browns, tangy oranges, and mellow yellows. They’ve transformed the landscape into a passionate and fiery transition to winter.

Every year around this time, I like to reflect. I like to take a look back at what I’ve accomplished this year, what I’m proud of, and what I want to change. With the year coming to a close, I always want to take the opportunity to see where I’m at.

I like to take a look at my lifestyle. Have I made the changes I wanted to make? Have I achieved the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year? Have I treated myself well?

Then I reflect on my academic progress. I know the struggles I’ve won, the obstacles I’ve overcome, and though things got difficult at times, I remember that I made it through. I praise myself because I need to remember I have the strength to make it through.

What about my relationships? I take a look at the relationships in my life. Are the friends I have healthy? Do they add positivity to my life? Do they create the kind of atmosphere I want to be around? Do they make me better? I consider if there are any people I should cut loose.

Finally, I take a look back at the things I did to push myself out of my comfort zone. What things did I do the test myself? Did the outcome of taking those chances make me grow? Were they positive or negative experiences?

I often feel a weight lifted off my shoulders when I can break down everything and analyze it. I can pinpoint where I have excelled and where I have fallen short. It’s a chance to re-evaluate how life is progressing and remind yourself that you are doing a good job, doing the best you can, and growing. You can change your colors with the leaves.



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