A Quote

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“What’s happiness? It’s a moment before you need more happiness. – Don Draper from Mad Men

So, yes, I have kind of an obsession with this show. But the social commentary on the time period and the often very insightful and meaningful quotes and ideas are what make this show spectacular to me.

This quote is one of those that I stopped…pondered and realized was so true. Happiness is something you search for. It is also something that comes and goes. As sad as that may be to think sometimes, I can’t help but agree with. But, the positive in this all is that we have the ability to make ourselves happy. We have to find the things that make us joyous, that make us smile. We have to hold onto them and never stop looking for them. I believe we are all capable of finding that one thing or many things that bring us happiness, even if it can be fleeting.

Never stop looking for it.



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