my short story titled “Dreams”

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dreamThe dream came slowly at first, then faster and faster like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. It was a little like looking through a glass bottom boat, only the players in the scene were visible. Sometimes I could see the faint tracery of leaves in the distance, or the glistening sheen of rain, but that was all.

This time it was night, and the boy and girl were silhouetted in the profile, their faces very close together. A lantern sat between their curled bodies and the faint light danced over their murmuring lips. I strained to hear them, that was the hard part, always was. Like trying to listen to a conversation through a wall with a glass.

“We can’t keep doing this,” I heard her say.

I could make out his pained expression, his downturned lips.

“They can’t keep us apart, you know we are meant to be together.”

She stares into his eyes and slowly reaches a pale hand to caress his cheek. She lets her fingers linger for a moment. “Fate, perhaps?”

His teeth glint in the lantern’s light as he smiles wide. “Only fate could conspire to gift me with such beauty and such turmoil.”

“There cannot be light without the dark.”

He leans forward, tilting his head slightly, until his lips meet hers. They stay like that for a moment, until a rustle in the trees rouses their attention.

Her eyes become alert and she pushes him away. “Quick, leave before they catch you.”

His hair falls into his eyes as he backs away, bowing deeply with a flourish, playfully. “Until we meet again.”

She watches him retreat into the woods, hears him laughing lightly, the sound like church bells chiming in the distance.

The scene begins to swirl, shifting and mixing together, like dye into water. And all at once, I’m laying with my check on my desk, where I dozed off earlier. I pull my notebook from my top drawer and flip to the next open page, scrawling down what I just saw before I forget a single detail. The notebook is almost full.


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my poem titled “Peaceful Kingdom”

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Sometimes ugly

Is just another word for insecure.

Insecure people lobbing insults like cannonballs,

Trying desperately to break down the walls,

Around another person’s fragile self.

Waging a war against a peaceful kingdom.



A bit of insight

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So, we haven’t posted anything relating to our newest works lately so I decided to share a bit I wrote just this morning about our character, Em. This is her finding out something about herself and learning to embrace it.

My palms are slick and my stomach is in knots, but now more than ever I need to find a way out of here. I need to harness and use these powers I have…it’s the only option I have left.


Beautiful People

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One of the greatest gifts of life is meeting people that shape you. Those people that just happen to bump into you on your way through life. I have met two of those people thus far.

The first was my mom’s boss at the mechanic’s garage where she worked. He was a humble elderly Indian man with traditional values. I was young then, but I still knew he was special. Goodness poured out of him. He would lend my mother a car to come pick my sister and I up from school, he would send her home with nan bread. He would help those in need with car trouble for no cost. He would treat people with such kindness. I remembered this even then. It was why my mom and I went back to surprise him one Christmas. We hadn’t seen him in seven years, but we wanted to show him we hadn’t forgotten him. We brought his favourite sugar cookies and he teared up. We teared up. It was emotional and it was beautiful. I still think about him, and to this day, I have never met another man as kind and caring and inherently good as him.

The second was a female customer at my place of work. She has such an outgoing personality, and thought it can be overwhelming at first, you settle into it. Once you start a conversation with her, you are wrapped in trust. She opens up and shares intimates details of her life like it’s nothing at all. It’s so refreshing, because most people would find it strange or uncomfortable. But with her, it just seems, natural. Her openness and motherly aura put me in a good place. I find I feel my day has gotten better after talking with her. To break past the barriers of small talk and discuss personal things, it makes me feel honored. Positivity is infectious, and though this woman has gone through some trying times, positivity still surrounds her. I love that. I am not that bold, but I’ve always wanted to tell her how she is such a beautiful spirit.

These people are so genuinely good, their souls are cast from solid gold. They are so few and far between that I truly cherish when I meet one. Though we all muddle through life with our heads down, blind to the people around us, it doesn’t mean we can’t positively affect people. We’ve become so consumed in our jobs, money, material things, that we forget to connect with people on a human level. I encourage you to think of anyone you’ve met that’s stood out in your life and just feel that for a moment, how lucky you are to have met them.


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my poem titled “A Moon Without a Sun”

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The longer you’ve known someone,

The more history you have.

The more times you’ve:

 Loved them,

Hated them,

Forgiven them,

Written them off,

Cheered them on,

Torn them down,

Nursed their wounds,

Caused them pain.

You become so entwined with this person,

It’s hard to tell where your story starts,

And where theirs ends.

It makes it complicated,

To separate the two.

But maybe that’s because,

In some way,

Your stories are one.

Like a sun without a moon,

You cannot have one,

Without the other.


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quote of the day

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“Finding new music is like discovering a piece of yourself that you didn’t know was missing.” – Collins

I thought of this recently and it’s so true. Every time I find a new song that I connect with, it fills in a little piece of me. Each song is the bandage to a wound, a shoulder to cry on, an experience of joy, a reason to dance, and a voice for when you can’t speak.

You can connect with people through the language of music, at that is a beautiful thing. There is always something special when you find a common love for a band, a song, or a genre. It feels like you understand that person on a deeper level.


A Continuation of a short

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So, I’m not sure if you guys remember but a while back I posted something I wrote, about a young man named Jacob who craved blood. Yeah, that messed up guy. Anyways…as much as that was just a short, something I was prompted for…I decided to write another installment in his story. So here it is. Warning…this one is a little dark. Okay, a lot. Enjoy!

It had been mere days since I’d last seen her,my chest ached to be near her.
But not more then it ached for blood.
Blood that I was currently getting from the man underneath my blade.
“Please…have mercy?” A gurgled cry came out of his throat. I laughed at him. Mercy? He wanted mercy? I brought my bowie knife up again and brought it down, right into the fleshy material of his thigh. Rapists didn’t deserve mercy. I was there to extract justice. For all those little girls who didn’t stand a chance, who’s innocence was stolen. Just like her. I grit my teeth at the memory of her beautiful features, twisted by her nightmares, of him stalking her in her dreams.
“Ahhhhhh!” A desperate scream came from him. Now, if I was in the city I would be have been worried about someone hearing him. But we weren’t in the city, we were deep in the woods, the smell of wet moss surrounding us. The darkness hiding us, not even the light from the moon could penetrate the canopy above us.
I pushed the black hood I had concealing my face off my head, it fell against my shoulders. I could feel the blood on my hand transferring to my skin. I relished in the feeling.
“Tell me, Mr. Harris…was it worth taking those little girls? Breaking them? Raping their little bodies?” I spit. I don’t take my eyes off his, which were glossy with crocodile tears.
“I..I didn..”
“DO NOT LIE TO ME, Mr. Harris.”
“I…I’m sick! The doctors…they say I’m sick!” Blood rushed from his lips as my knife once again struck something vital.
I chuckled. “That’s right. You’re sick. And sick perverts aren’t welcome here.”
And with that…I took the sick bastards life. A feeling inside of me swells…pride. I wish she could see what I had done for her.


Song Study

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Lover, I know you’re weary.

There’s a time from the night 

Lover come to the kitchen floor.

Tiles are cold, so am I.

So take from me what you want, what you need.

Take from me whatever you want, whatever you need.

But lover, please stay with me.

Lover, I feel your sorrow Pouring out of your skin.

I don’t wanna be alone.

But I am tonight, I’ll always be.

So take from me what you want, what you need.

Take from me whatever you want, Whatever you need.

But lover, please stay with me.

Oh And I can see you.

I can feel you slipping through my hands.

Oh, I can taste you.

I can taste you slipping through my hands.

Take from me what you want, What you need.

Take from me whatever you want.

My lover, please stay with me.

Oh, my lover, please stay with me.

-The Neighbourhood, Lover, Please Stay

This song hurts to listen to. It talks about someone needing love in the worst way. They don’t care how they’re treated or used, as long as their lover stays with them. They’re desperate for love. Their lover doesn’t feel the same anymore, but they still want them to stay. They’ve had it happen to them over and over and they want a love that stays. They also seem to have seen this happen before, maybe to their parents. The reference to the kitchen and always being alone could be a nod to this. This song is beautifully tragic.

I encourage you to listen to this song and dissect it for yourself. What did you come up with?