my poem titled “Bad Things”

life, poem, poetry, truth, writing

Once upon a time,

Bad things happened in this world.

Bad things happened to good people

And bad things happened to bad people.

But bad things still happened.

Because that’s just how it works.

Life doesn’t care if you’re bad or good,

If you deserve it or not.

And it’s not fair.

But that’s how the story goes.


5 thoughts on “my poem titled “Bad Things”

  1. Life is in my perspective the most unfair thing on earth. But what can I do about it? Wishing life would have a better look at the bad and good? That’s probably never going to happen. Love your poem, and defiantly feeling the same way. Thanks!


    1. I guess the key is just to accept it and be positive. As long as you can find the bright side, there’s hope. Sometimes that’s not easy, but it’s better than wallowing in despair! Thanks for your kind words! -Collins


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