Beautiful People

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One of the greatest gifts of life is meeting people that shape you. Those people that just happen to bump into you on your way through life. I have met two of those people thus far.

The first was my mom’s boss at the mechanic’s garage where she worked. He was a humble elderly Indian man with traditional values. I was young then, but I still knew he was special. Goodness poured out of him. He would lend my mother a car to come pick my sister and I up from school, he would send her home with nan bread. He would help those in need with car trouble for no cost. He would treat people with such kindness. I remembered this even then. It was why my mom and I went back to surprise him one Christmas. We hadn’t seen him in seven years, but we wanted to show him we hadn’t forgotten him. We brought his favourite sugar cookies and he teared up. We teared up. It was emotional and it was beautiful. I still think about him, and to this day, I have never met another man as kind and caring and inherently good as him.

The second was a female customer at my place of work. She has such an outgoing personality, and thought it can be overwhelming at first, you settle into it. Once you start a conversation with her, you are wrapped in trust. She opens up and shares intimates details of her life like it’s nothing at all. It’s so refreshing, because most people would find it strange or uncomfortable. But with her, it just seems, natural. Her openness and motherly aura put me in a good place. I find I feel my day has gotten better after talking with her. To break past the barriers of small talk and discuss personal things, it makes me feel honored. Positivity is infectious, and though this woman has gone through some trying times, positivity still surrounds her. I love that. I am not that bold, but I’ve always wanted to tell her how she is such a beautiful spirit.

These people are so genuinely good, their souls are cast from solid gold. They are so few and far between that I truly cherish when I meet one. Though we all muddle through life with our heads down, blind to the people around us, it doesn’t mean we can’t positively affect people. We’ve become so consumed in our jobs, money, material things, that we forget to connect with people on a human level. I encourage you to think of anyone you’ve met that’s stood out in your life and just feel that for a moment, how lucky you are to have met them.


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