Weaving Secrets

book, character, inspiration, life, motivational, writing

Every time you write a chartypeacter, you put a little piece of your life into them. It could be small, like the color of their eyes, or as encompassing as modeling them after someone you know. It seems like writing is a secret way to let out parts of your life and share them with everyone. The best part is no one knows which parts are modeled after reality, and that’s why I love to write.

I often find writing therapeutic. I can say things I wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life. I can tell someone how I feel without ever having to face them. I can heal wounds that have been open to the air for a long time.

When you think about it, it’s a very complicated network, like the cobwebs in an abandoned mansion. You pull so many ideas and aspects from every facet of your life and weave them together to create a tapestry of secrets and truth. You pour so much of your life into your stories, people have no idea they are reading your soul like an open book.

If you would like, please share with me why you love to write. I would be interested to see.


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