rewind wednesday

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To help get you through the middle of the week, here’s a classic. You just can’t go wrong with Elvis, and this song is just so beautiful in its simplicity.



quote of the day

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“A million dollars sounds like a lot, I know. Especially when you’re young. But you can’t let money erode your principles or you’ll wind up with nothing.”

Sammy Keyes And The Dead Giveaway by Wendelin Van Draanen

Money is important to survive and to live a comfortable life, but it is not all there is. People become too focussed and too wrapped up in the idea of having money, lots of it, that they change. We let this man-made concept, bills and coins with assigned worth, control our lives. We let it determine how we feel about ourselves and how we treat others depending on how much money they have. We judge everyone on their net worth. There is much more to life, and the sooner people realize that people should become before money the better off we would all be.


Get to know: Erin

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Collins and I are currently working on a new project that includes all of the best things. Action, superheros, romance, pranks and best friends. This is a section to help introduce our main heroine, Erin. Or Em as she is known to most of everyone.

The feeling that has been worming its way into my mind lately is nagging at me again. This has been happening since I was a child. No one ever took it seriously, no one except Theo. I shake my head at thoughts of him. I try not to take it seriously either. It’s never done me any good. Sometimes I can go months without the feelings, without the dreams.


A photograph can speak a thousand words

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This is a photo I took after a very important event in my life. I won’t say too much about it. But when I look at it, it is a reminder of the dangers of things that we may over look sometimes. That we need to remain vigilant in our lives, keep our eyes open.


Get to know me

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Turner and I are excited to start sharing some get to know me posts now. Here is a peek into one of the main characters named “Theo” from our new book titled “Unit 17.”

I have tried almost all the doors and am about to give up, thinking Nikki got the count wrong, when I hear a small cry come from behind a vending machine a few feet away near the window that Kay looked in. A small brown-haired girl peeks her head out from behind the machine, her eyes wide. I start toward her and she backs up to the wall, her fingers wrapping around the sill of the window. She couldn’t be more than fourteen.

She looks frantically around, her eyes wild with fear.

I lock my eyes on her and speak in a soothing tone. “There is no need to be afraid. I am not going to hurt you.”

Her breathing slows and she relaxes a little as my suggestion roots itself inside her brain.

“Good, that’s good. Now I’m just going to take you down to—“

I am passing by the vending machine when it topples over and crushes me beneath it, pinning my legs to the floor. I cry out in pain.

A boy a little older than the girl with angry eyes and a sneer emerges from behind the machine and darts towards the girl. He grabs her hand and snaps her out of my suggestion. I reach for my weapon then, but it is trapped between my hip and the machine. They barrel down the hallway, towards the stairwell that Kay has left unguarded.


“Nikki, Kay. There are two children running down the back stairs. Intercept them, now!”

“What?” Kay bellows, agitation clear in her voice.

“You heard me.”

My legs are in some serious pain right now, and I’m no Jax. I can’t just lift this thing off me like it’s nothing. I prop myself up on my elbows and look around. There’s a fire extinguisher I could use to get enough leverage to move my legs out but it’s attached to the wall where I can’t reach it. I’m stuck. And I look like a total idiot. So there’s that.

A few minutes later Kay and Nikki come running down the hall.

“Jesus!” Kay says.

“Just get this thing off me,” I say, trying to keep the embarrassment out of my voice.

Any insight into what you think this story is going to be about?


The “You” Effect

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I’ve come to realise something recently. I’ve been living my life blissfully unaware of how my presence can affect others. And I’m not talking about being a negative person or the way that I treat others, but the way that others react to me. Now we all know that we are different versions of ourselves with different people, but that is not because we are two-faced or fake, it is because different people bring out different things in us. And in turn, you bring out different things in that person. It’s pretty cool actually.

I recall once in a junior high class I made female classmate, known for being “bitchy” and stone-faced, laugh. I had just said some funny remark in passing, and that joke somehow broke through her hard exterior. Had I intended to do that? No. But the effect was interesting. My best friend seat beside me marveled how she’d never seen that girl laugh before. I felt a sort of surprised joy at this. My friend had always hailed me as the funniest person she knows, so her observations of the situation were of the praising kind. I also felt a small pang of jealously from her because she was friends with the other girl and talked to her frequently in passing. It almost seemed that I had won some sort of race without even entering it.

Although I am not an extremely outgoing person, I find I don’t have a problem taking charge when put into group situations. This surprises me frequently because I am always reserved and quiet in public, but when I need to step up, I do. But strangely enough, if someone requires a volunteer for a magic trick, or someone needs to go first, I won’t do it. I don’t like the attention, everyone watching me. The only exception to this though, is if I am with someone else who is too scared to go first. It seems that their reluctance gives me the courage and the feeling of necessity to lead. This could have something to do with having a young sister and needing to go first to show her that, say, the dentist wasn’t that scary. My sister is soft-spoken too, and I find that this brings out the rambunctious side of me. I talk louder and more animated with her, which she regards with annoyance, always ordering me to not talk so loud.

Despite my aversion to being the center of attention, I’ve always regarded acting and dancing as things I’d want to do. Stepping out into the afternoon light after exiting a theater I would feel myself becoming a character, I’d adopt their mannerisms and speech for about an hour afterwards. I would look around me at the world, as if it were the set of a scene. The feeling of playing a character thrilled me. I would think to myself, I could do this, but not as a main character in a movie, maybe a guest star on a television series. Dancing also intrigued me. I could never see myself as a professional dancer, but just dancing around my house would make me feel so alive. And though dancing is an art, that doesn’t mean you have to be a master to dance. Classic dances like jives and tangos would fill my head and I wanted to learn them all. I would see dancers in my head as I imagined choreographing dances, but could never replicate the steps.

On the topic of emotions and expressing them, I seldom cross the line of tears or releasing anger. I rarely get worked up to the point of anger and refuse to cry in the company of another. But I will be the shoulder you can cry on or express your upset to. I make it a priority to make anyone being this raw in my presence to feel comfortable. Countless times I will sit and listen and understand. And as much I would like someone to be like that for me, I just couldn’t let myself get that way. I’m not sure why.

Basically, if you review your interactions, your thoughts, and how you react in certain situations, you will start to understand how your presence affects yourself and those around you. This is something that took me a long time to notice. But I’m glad I did. Because once you understand you can shape the world you are creating through steadier hands.


my poem titled “One-Way Mirror”

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When you’re someone’s second choice for so long

It’s strange when someone else chooses you first

You get so used to being a shadow instead of a person

You grow accustomed to the things that slip between their teeth

Their excuses and lies and carelessness

That being held just out of arm’s reach is expected

You just accept that they don’t know you as well as they tell others they do

And that their actions with other are exactly how well you know them

That you know their next three steps before they do

And that because you know better you should let them go

But you’ve become comfortable to their mistreatment

Like a beaten child who still expects food from the same hand that hit them

You grow used to one-sided conversations and talking to yourself

And talking about them every time they bring themselves up

All of these things make you weary of a healthy friendship

Like it’s some mirage in the desert of life or a trick of the light

Or that you just don’t deserve it

Afraid that the feeling is again one-sided because you’ve grown used to talking to one-way mirrors

It’s nice to know that someone cares about you

And that you may be damaged and wary

Like a stray dog adopted from a shelter

But you know that where you’re headed

Is going to be a hell of a lot better than where you came from



status update

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We have hit the writing of our new novel like race horses out of the starting gates. Somehow we have planned about 60% of our chapters within a week, and our characters have been created. We are falling more in love with our characters’ stories and struggles, and are wrestling with creating a believable story in the environment we set our people in. In the following weeks we will be sharing some character “get to know me’s” so you can familiarize yourself with these loveable guys and girls. Until then, all I’m going to say is this: super humans. We’ll let your mind wander with that idea for now.

-Turner Collins