my poem titled “Chewing Gum”

life, love, poem, poetry, writing

When words once smoldering

Have cooled and evaporated

Are you left with warm fuzzies?

Or a nasty draft?

The kind a door opened during a snow storm brings

When your tears fall gently like summer rain

And trace the shapes of your cheeks

Do they taste like sweet memories?

Or salty bitterness?

Collecting in a pot that holds watering leaking from the ceiling

When you lay in your bed at night

And you sleep curled next to them

Is it soft like a bed of roses?

Or as unfamiliar as a camping trip?

Tossing in your sleeping bag with pine needles poking at your side

You want warm fuzzies,

And sweet memories,

And roses, dozens of them

But you know this love is a cold one

So before you are left behind patching leaks with chewing gum

You pack your bags

And shut the door quietly behind you





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