my poem titled “Glass Bottle”

life, poem, poetry, writing

Sharing emotions is one of the hardest things I can do

Sure I feel them, lots of them

I feel them as sharply as shards of glass against my throat

And as softly as a feather caressing my cheek

The only problem is what to do with them

I tend to shove them down into a bottle

A glass bottle with a cork in the top

And then toss it into the dark recesses of my mind

In a dusty corner

I long to smash the bottle onto the ground

To watch it shatter into a million little pieces

And my emotions, like ether, will float into the air

I won’t be able to shove them back inside

My hands will come away empty

And I will feel extremely free

But behind that a crushing fear of offence will appear

For the reason I don’t express these emotions

Is due to my empathy for others

But I’m starting to realize I need to do something

Something for myself

Because if I don’t

I mind-as-well cram myself into a bottle

Pop a cork into the top

And toss myself away



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